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Pidichirukku Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Monday, January 14, 2008 • Tamil ]
Pidichirukku Review
Ashok, Visaka, Ganja Karuppu, Saranya,
Senbagakumar, Suresh
Manu Ramesan

It's a simple story told without any pretensions. The boy and the girl (Ashok and Visaka) meet in an accident, which was caused by the girl. The boy gets hurt and gets anger while the girl feels for it. The anger slowly gives way to love, while sympathy turns as love.

Predictably, the strict father rejects the love and puts the lovers apart. He resigns his job and goes to a place without leaving any clue.

But the hero gets a clue and heads to Maharashtra and the searching game begins. He meets the girl after a long and painful search. The girl's heart still beats for the boy. But they are stopped by the father once again and the emotional climax tells you how they join hands.

Debutant director Kanagu has managed to provide us with an entertainer without the help of too much of gimmicks. He has worked out the first half - blossoming of love, the romance, and the twist - interestingly.

The second half that deals with the painful search tries our patience with monotonous sequences. The director shows us the plight of the boy, but what about the girl? What does she feel? We are left to follow the boy and the girl surfaces only when the boy finds her. The love is not one sided but the portrayal is.

Kanagu has to be complemented for the realistic and impressive portrayal of the mansion and railway station scenes. He has shown that he is able to create and execute different situations with telling impact. But he has to think of a stronger story and work harder to come out with a script that could hold your attention with substance.

The debutant Visaka and the Ashok who does his second film have done well to make the film watchable. Ashok looks smart and emotes well. He has exhibited that he could handle a range of emotions. The boy is quite promising.

Visaka looks credible as a soft spoken young girl fallen in love. She lets her eyes speak in romantic scenes. She impresses in the climax and the scene that leads to climax.

Ganja Karuppu, who comes through out the movie like a second hero, fails to make us laugh. But he impresses in a couple of scenes. The `Idly' scene stands out.

Saranya as the heroine's mother gives a standout performance, especially in the climax.

Sampath Raj as the girl's father delivers an emphatic performance. He is impressive in both sound and subtle sequences. His powerful eyes exude emotions excellently.

Music by Manu Rameshan fits the mood of the film - romantic and youthful. The multilingual song sounds good.

`Pidichirukku' has come out as an entertainer with an emotional love story. The movie would have been better had the director concentrated on the second half more.

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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