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Pattampoochi Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Friday, July 1, 2022 • தமிழ் ]
Pattampoochi Review
Avni Tele Media
Sundar C , Jai , Honey Rose Varghese , Imman Annachi
Badri Narayanan
Kushboo Sundar
Navneeth S

Pattampoochi - An engaging psycho thriller

Jai turning an out and out villain is the highlight of his latest release 'Pattampoochi' produced by Sundar C who also plays the protagonist.   Whether this 'Silence Of The Lambs' inspired psycho thriller will make the  hearts of the Tamil audiences flutter remains to be seen.

The year is 1989 and Sudhakar (Jai) a convict on death row, asks to meet Vijayalakshmi (Honey Rose) a journalist as his last wish.  When his wish is granted all hell breaks loose as he claims to be the serial killer Pattampoochi who murdered random victims in the most gruesome manner.  The revelation causes his death sentence to be suspended for thirty days and the police ordered to get evidence of his other murders so that he can be tried and punished for all the crimes.  Inspector Kumaran (Sundar C) who has lost his wife and child due to the revenge of a liquor baron whom he arrested is assigned the case.   A cat and mouse game begins between Kumaran and Sudhakar and when the latter escapes using legal loopholes he targets the loved ones of the cop.  What happens next is what Pattampoochi is all about.

Jai plays the chief antagonist of the film and is quite effective especially in his sudden body jerks due to Tourette Syndrome.  The scenes where he murders his victims in the most terrifying manner send the chills down the spine.   Honey Rose as the journalist has done a neat job especially in the climax where she is battered by Jai.  Sundar C's physique easily helps him play cops to perfection and here it is no different.  Imman Annachi, Manasvi and the actor who played Sundar C's father have all done their parts well.

What works best in 'Pattampoochi' is the first half that drums up enough curiosity as to what the psycho killer is planning by confessing to eight murders and what his next move will be.  The backstory of Jai is riveting and kudos to Jai and the director for touching such a taboo subject that is much needed to show people how child abuse creates monsters out of ordinary persons.  Sundar C's character also has its own disabilities that challenge him at a crucial time in the climax.

What lets down the film is a major chunk of the second half that is stretched beyond redemption.   The film could have benefitted with a much more raw making style as the commercial style that the makers chose hampers the believability factor.

Navaneeth S, Esakki Krishnasamy,  Fenny Oliver S and  PremKumar have handled the music, cinematography, editing and art direction doing a passable job.  Sundar C and Khusbhu have produced the film under their banner AVNI Tele Media.  Director Badri Venkatesh promises a lot in the first half but though he has let himself down in the second, he has still managed to make the film fairly engaging.

Verdict : Go for this one if you fancy psycho thrillers and it won't disappoint you too much.

Rating: 2.75 / 5.0

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