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Pattalam Music Review

Pattalam Music Review
Thirupathi Brothers
Rohan Krshna
Jassie Gift
Cherishing tunes on the run
Thursday, March 26, 2009 • Tamil Comments

Flicks based on school-days aren't out of box when it comes to Kollywood. Who can forget the unfading film `Panneer Pushpangal' made nearly before 27 years. Later, few auteurs grounded with similar themes that weren't too well-mannered. And here, Rohan Krishna is set-on jubilant making debut directorial with similar motif much decorously. The auteur dropped his ideas on papers for a TV series titled `Kana Kaanum Kaalangal' and his best ideations won him the tickets to Gateway of Kollywood. Jassie Gift who once mesmerized us with his beauteous `Lajjavathiye' tunes his best on the tracks.

1. Disaiyettum - Listen here

Singer: Jassie Gift, Najeem

Lyrics: Yughabharathi

With lyrical line overwhelming with high-spiritedness, Jassie blended it with best beats on percussions. The song is all about youngsters' gladdened spell about themselves. Jassie's trademark vocalism along with Najeem gets the tunes catchy. Well, things would finer for the song when it goes with colorful visuals on the screens.

2. Ennil Nooru Maatram - Listen here

Singer: Shalini Singh, Ranjith

Lyrics: Yughabharathi

Idyllically tuned, it's a cherishing duet that makes you heed more than once. Here's something that grabs your attention. Shalini Singh's top-notching intonation that's much similar to Shreya Ghosal mesmerizes the listeners. On the pars, Ranjith on his part takes it well with good modulations. Jassie has the beats and vocals coalesced perfectly sans these aspects eclipsing each other. Running melodies on flutes during preludes is a decent fill-in.

3. Panivizhum Kaalama - Listen here

Singer: Hesham, Sayanora, William Issac & Sajin.

Lyrics: Na. Muthukumar

Taken along the lines of westernized-Arabic style, Hesham, Sayanora and William Isaac make this to be their complete show. Moreover, it's Sayanora getting straight with her high-pitched voice on many portions. Her sassy style enhances the quality and Jassie could've added few more interesting beats on the tracks.

4. Engo Piranthom - Listen here

Singer: Arun Gopan, Shanmon, Thushara & Anu Praveen

Lyrics: Yughabharathi

The melodious piece carries a `universal theme' that will go close to everyone's heart. A song that takes us down the memory lane on nostalgic memories of our school days. Looks like, it's a call of song by students as they depart from their schools. Yughabharathi's lyrical lines have the youngsters expressing gratitude to their schools that vividly showered knowledge in them. Nothing appreciable on the musical aspects, except the humming you hear in the mid-of-song.

5. Oru Naal - Listen here

Singer: Arun Gopan, Shamon, Thushara

Lyrics: Yughabharathi

Fine! We've the same gang Arun-Shanmon-Thushara combo swaying with different genre. Pitching it with the Konkani-style of rhythms, the lyrical lines based on rhapsodic touch makes it emblazons the song. Certainly, if there's a spectacular choreography, then the song is sure to turn the spotlights. Mild beats and best running chords of guitars add more light to this tune.

6. Iskabararara - Listen here

Singer: Baby Diyarohan, Jassie Gift.

Lyrics: Nellai Bharathy

With jiggling mix of hip-hop and rock orchestrated on rhythm box, Jassie and Baby Diyarohan makes the best churned on their voices. Perhaps, if our guesses right, it should be placed as title song as young lads and filles steps into their school.


On the whole, `Pattalam' has good melodies that are often pleasant and peppy. Doubtlessly, the song would haunt the town more as they go straight on to visuals. Of course, Rohan Krishna who swayed with a trendsetting visual for his title song `Kana Kaanum Kaalangal' should've worked with much and more prodigious efforts over here.