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Pataki Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Saturday, May 27, 2017 • Kannada ]
Pataki Review
Ganesh, Ranya, Saikumar, Dharma, Vijay Chendur, Sampathkumar, Ashish Vidyarthi, Sadhu Kokila, Priyanka
Manju Swaraj
Arjun Janya

In the days of expectation of quick results, overnight justice, speeding up zamana ‘Pataki’ is a real stunner with various interesting issues in SV Productions lavish venture.

The right film at the right time for the people you would feel after watching the film ‘Pataki’. For every five minutes it is a ‘Super Minute’ for the mass audience. The film is power packed.

The justice denied is justice delayed. The protagonist in this film with his team of cops banishes the wrong doers without even booking under the law. Spending crores of rupees on captive person was deeply discussed in the real life. The application of rule and justice is quick no problem. When the culprits come out with fear? For such things the protagonist gives the right answer in this ‘Pataas’ remake.

For a 2015 remake cinema director of successful films Manju Swaraj has made right alteration and makes it appealing from start to finish. He never misses the bouncers and surprises. He has great support from editor of the film NM Vishwa and dialogue writer Prakash Jadeya.

Of course he has the right team of actors, music and cinematographer par excellence. The production values are super support to Manju Swaraj. The point of having separate toilets for ‘Mangalamukhi’ gender is touching, the youths on wrong path corrected by respective mothers is another family matter; the justice from cop finally is a mixture of his concern for society and revenge.

Duty first and family next is the motto of DGP Agni (Saikumar), in the family life for the sake of duty inevitably he keeps away wife and children. When the children are mute witness to mother death the anger in Agni son Soorya reaches top. As he grows he is against to the principles of his father. He makes the entire police department corrupt. The ‘Hafta and Vasool’ directly reaches police in his zones as ACP. This irks his father who is DGP Agni now. No complaint on his son Soorya makes him toothless.

The father and son combination is a good feast for the corrupt politician and party President Rudrapath (Ashish Vidyarthy). This corrupt mind of ACP Soorya changes when a dumb and deaf girl whom he considers as his sister dies very shabbily from the hands of Rudraprath son.

It is time for ‘Police Power’ to club to uproot the Rudrapratap activities. ACP Soorya in the process of justice from his hands within three days loses his father DGP Agni. The final is a give back on loss of father by ACP Soorya and he does not allow the law to interfere in the case.

Ganesh is perfect in cop uniform. His dialogue delivery sometime leaves a feeling that he got good encouragement from ‘Cop King’ Saikumar it seems. The dialogue delivery for Ganesh is a new experience and action is another area he has worked hard. More cop roles in future he could accept and stitch a uniform for him.

Saikumar has given the required punch in the second half. The father and son at one particular point touch the heart. This particular piece of acting from Saikumar and Ganesh is also a good learning point for budding actor and students of cinema institutes.

There is good scope to perform for Ashish Vidyarthi. Dharma and Ganesh Rao are apt in supporting roles. Vijay Chendur steals in the comedy, for a change Sadhu Kokila in transgender role is very touching. Ranya in her second film is a promising actress, Priyanka as dumb and deaf looks very sweet.

Arjun Janya melody and peppy tunes is further added value in this film. Venkatesh Anguraj pet cameraman of producer SV Babu has given a feast to the eyes with every detail striking the eyes.

Prakash Jadeya has given dialogues meant for the masses and that is coming from Ganesh and Saikumar is very convincing. Vikram Mor in stunts has given some chilling moments.

A well balanced mixture of power, sentiment, comedy, action in ‘Pataki’ is a film for family, and masses would love to watch this one.

Rating: 4 / 5.0

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