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Parugu Music Review

Parugu Music Review
Sri Venkateswara Creations
Allu Arjun, Sheela
'Bommarillu' Bhaskar
'Dil' Raju
'Melody Brahma' with his best score for 'Parugu'
IndiaGlitz [Monday, April 21, 2008 • తెలుగు] Comments

After giving a blockbuster like 'Desamuduru' the audiences kept high expectations on Allu Arjun's forthcoming flick. At the same time, the film is coming from a successful director called Bhaskar, who brought out an excellent silver jubilee like 'Bommarillu'. Moreover, the producer of the film 'Dil Raju' had a hit like Arya with Allu Arjun and his combination with Bhaskar produced a hit like 'Bommarillu'. Altogether, the film had a big hit combination. Keeping all this in view, Manisharma, strived hard to make the album a musical hit and he succeeded in it. As fondly called by his fans 'Melody Brahma', Manisharma mixed melody and fast beat in right ratio to suit the taste of all classes of audiences. The audio would no doubt would become one of the chartbusters.

Lyricist: Seetarama Sastry

Music director Manisharma started the film with the music from bass guitar coupled with drum beat. However, he ensured that the lyric is very clear. As the song progress, he replaced the music with electronic guitar coupled with keyboard music. The interludes with the humming of English bits gave the song a youth touch. The lyric in the song hints that it should be a situational song. The beats of the drum  hints that the song was choreographed in a novel way with a fast movement of camera and it should have a digital mixing of visuals on the screen all through the song.

Lyricist: Anantha Sriram

This song was tuned totally on a melody base. The music director chose to use simple music instruments like keyboard containing piano bits, and jazz drums. The lyric has good literary value and the entire song progresses in similar rhythm. Anantha Sriram proved that he could give fantastic lyrics for melody-based bits. Of course, the lyricist ensured a little speed in some stanzas, keeping in view the hero's image and help the choreographer to keep simple steps to the hero and heroine as it also has a hint that it too should be a situational song.

Kailash Kher, Saindhavi
Lyricist: Anantha Sriram

This song was tuned in a folk style and had the similarity of some familiar tune. The song has a traditional drum beat coupled with light guitar beat in the background. As the lyric progresses trumpet sound joins the band. Between the stanzas violin, bass guitar and shehnai sounds force the audiences to tap their feet unintentionally. Before the second stanza, the use of drum beat and the humming hints at the director's intention for a good dance bit at that time.

Chal Chal
Lyricist: Chandrabose

Chandrabose might have scripted this song with the inspiration from the title song of 'Jalsaa'. However, the song was tuned a little differently than that song because this was scripted with good literary values. Surprisingly, the tune of this song had a good mix of melody, mass and youthful beat. In fact, Manisharma is an expert in tuning this kind of songs.

Lyricist: Seetarama Sastry

This is a solo song of the hero. It indicates the poignant scene in the backdrop and the hero singing song in a sorrowful mood like failure in love kind of situation. To suit the situation, the song was tuned in a melody beat. Hemachandra did complete justice to the song. Use of keyboard and guitar could be easily noticed from the beat. The piano bits in the interludes elevates the mood of the song. The music director chose the right lyricist to script this song and Sirivennela Sitaramasastry imbibed good lyrical value in the song too.