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Parijatha Parvam Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Friday, April 19, 2024 • Telugu ]
Parijatha Parvam Review
Vanamali Creations
Chaithanya Rao, Sunil, Shraddha Das
Santosh Kambhampati
Mahidhar Reddy,Devesh

Parijatha Parvam Movie Review

Parijatha Parvam promises a laugh-out-loud comedy centered around two contrasting gangs entangled in a kidnapping fiasco. The story revolves around a bizarre situation where both gangs, driven by different motives, set out to kidnap the same individual, leading to a series of hilarious mishaps and unexpected consequences.


Sreenu (Sunil), originally from Bheemavaram, arrives in Hyderabad with dreams of becoming a hero. However, fate steers him towards becoming the owner of a bar, known as Bar Sreenu. Alongside his partner Paru aka Parvathi (Shraddha Das), he finds himself in a confrontation with aspiring director Chaitanya (Chaitanya Rao). Chaitanya's pride is wounded when he proposes his friend Harsha (Viva Harsha) as the lead actor to producer Shetty (Srikanth Iyengar), leading to a clash of egos.

The situation escalates when they attempt to kidnap Shetty's wife, Surekha (Surekha Vani), along with Apeksha (Malavika Satheesan). The ensuing events form the crux of the story, unraveling the interconnected lives of these characters.

Parijatha Parvam Movie Review


Viva Harsha shines in his role, impressing audiences with his impeccable dialogue delivery, expressive body language, and entertaining antics. He effortlessly carries the film on his shoulders, captivating viewers with his performance. However, Sunil's role offers limited scope for him to truly shine, resulting in entertainment that is only moderate in comparison.

Chaitanya Rao delivers an adequate performance, but there's a sense of monotony in his roles, suggesting a need for him to explore more diverse characters to carve a unique niche for himself.

Shraddha Das delivers a decent performance, while Malavika Satheesan, though adequate, has limited scope to showcase her full acting potential. Surekha Vani impresses with her performance, while Srikanth Iyengar and Sameer deliver competent performances suited to their roles.

Director Santosh Kambhampati's vision for a story revolving around filmmaking and kidnapping promised wholesome entertainment. While the initial setup generated interest, the narrative soon fell into a predictable pattern, losing its novelty. The concept of a kidnapping involving an amateur and an innocent gang holds promise, but Santosh struggles to capitalize on it, failing to deliver the expected fun and entertainment.

Parijatha Parvam Movie Review

The film's overall impact is hindered by weak character development and subpar performances, with comedy and entertainment suffering as a result. Ree's music is passable, with a few peppy tunes, but the background score is average. Shashank Vupputuri's editing lacks efficiency, with several drags that slow down the pace of the film. Cinematographer Bala Saraswati's work is average, and the production values are satisfactory.


Despite the hype surrounding it, Parijatha Parvam falls short of delivering wholesome entertainment to viewers. Director Santosh Kambhampati struggles to extract the best performances from actors Sunil and Viva Harsha, resulting in scenes that feel monotonous and predictable.

Rating: 1 / 5.0

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