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Parents kill daughters in Madanapalle based on superstitious rituals

Monday, January 25, 2021 • Tamil Comments

If a film narrated the story of a father and a mother killing their young children in the belief that Kali Yuga was coming to an end and the two children, if killed in a ritualistic manner, will take rebirth as liberated beings in the Satya Yuga, you would think of it as shocking fiction. But such a thing has unfolded in real life. In mana Andhra Pradesh. Two parents have killed their two daughters at their house in Shiva Nagar in Chittoor's Madanapalle. The sad incident happened on Sunday night.

As per media reports, Purushottam Naidu, who works as a Vice-Principal of a women's college, and his wife Padmaja, who is a senior correspondent of a private school, killed their daughters Alekhya (27) and Sai Divya (22) with blunt weapons after conducting a ritual at their home. The elder daughter is doing PG, while the younger one is an aspiring musician training at AR Rahman Music School in Mumbai.

As quoted by news reports, Madanapalle DSP Ravi Manohara Chari said that one of the dead bodies was found in the puja room, while the other one was found in the bedroom.

The police reached the spot based on a tip-off by the father's colleague. The colleague was called up by the father himself. It seems he did it out of curiosity, to tell his colleague about the ritualistic killing. Strangely, the killer father told the police not to take away his daughters' dead bodies because they would be resurrected to life in a day!

As told by locals to the cops and sections of media, the killer parents had been cooped up at home for long hours ever since the lockdown started last year. They would conduct elaborate rituals, making strange sounds at times.

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