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Pandhem Music Review

Pandhem Music Review
Jagapati Babu, Kalyani, Ramraju, Sivaji Raja, MS Narayana
Valluripally Ramesh Babu
Good, bad, indifferent
IndiaGlitz [Thursday, January 27, 2005 • తెలుగు] Comments

Chakri is not the most original of composers. He doesn't mind even a tad in lifting Tamil numbers (especially Ilayaraja ones). He has done that in this album.

But overall, he has managed to come up with some interesting numbers.

1) Ammala Ganna Ammalara

The legend on the CD says that the voice is Shankar Mahadevan's. But it is anything but like him. Used to, as we are listening to him to go for the higher ranges, this is very different. But no complaints, for the song holds its own. There is a nice ring of rhythm, though the instrumentation is on obvious lines. Kowsalya has nothing much to do in the number.

2) Guppedu Gundala Chappdula
Though the male voice (Chakri) starts much similar to the previous song, the female's (Kowsalya's) is definitely different. The orchestration reminds you of 90s songs --- slightly underplayed and more of table base. The tune is also from the 90s. Kowsalya exhibits the range and reach to be considered as a singer who can make it. After a long time, the lyrics are heard
clearly. Thanks a lot for such small mercies.

3) Abbayao Vayasu Rammendhi
Folks tune time, folks. The tune is an unabashed lift from Ilayaraja's tune in a Balu Mahendra-directed Tamil film. Ravi Varma and Sunandha belt out some inane lyrics. Copycat at work.

4) Ammadu Gummadu

Punjab drums, high-pitched singer (Simha, Vasu, Mathin, Adharshni), interwoven with some mass beats in between, you get the picture. Well, you have heard the song.   

5) Ku Ku Ku Ku

If Shankar Mahadevan came across differently in the first song, then Hariharan is slightly off-beat in this one. AT times, he comes as if singing in a falsetto. Kowsalya is sturdy and soft. The song is okay, but somehow it reminds you some song of the past (for the matter, most Chakri's numbers leave you with this feeling). The orchestration lacks any originality
and is devoid of any surprises.

Niether good. Nor Bad. Somewhere in between.