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Panchakshari Music Review

Panchakshari Music Review
Sai Ratna Creations
Anushka, Samrat, Nazar, Chandramohan, Brahmanandam, Pradeep Ravath, Ali, Raghubabu, MS Narayana, Jeeva, Bhenarji, Uttej, Nalla Venu, Raviprakash, Subbaraya Sharma, Sudha, Telangana Shakuntala, Sana, Jayavani, Keerthi and Archana
V Samudra
Bommadevara Ramachandra Rao
Divine Beats
IndiaGlitz [Wednesday, June 30, 2010 • తెలుగు] Comments

After Anushka's acting prowess in `Arundathi', director V Samudra and Producer Bommadevara Ramachandra Rao have come together with her for `Panchakshari' on similar lines. For a movie that has the story mostly dealing with divinity as the strength along with a fascinating actress like Anushka, the director has not focused on the sound tracks in the movie's music album though he wouldn't have compromised on the background score.

The album has four tracks composed by music director Chinna.

Ayigiri Nandhini    Listen here

Singer: Priyadarshini

The paean for Godess Durga has been rendered well by Chinna. The song is only a minute and a half long but has been composed well with folk beats. It starts off with a humming may be a hum that might be heard throughout the movie. The tempo slowly increases giving the feel that a ritual may happen on screen during the song. Priyadarshini has done a decent job as the singer.

Ne Lookesthe Luckele   Listen here

Singer: Geetha Madhuri
Lyricist: Ramjogayya Sastry

`Ne Lookesthe Luckele.' starts off with a style that gives a feel of another devotional number but Geetha Madhuri starts singing the lyrics. A completely mass song, Ramjogayya Sastry's lyrics and Chinna's music add the right masala. Folk beats along with a fast tempo, will make this song a dance number in the reality shows on TV. But the tempo comes to a complete halt in the middle of the song as the chanting of `Om' happens and `Gayathri Mantram' is chanted later, giving the hint that something divine is shown during the video of this song. Soon after the chanting, the song comes back to its natural form. As the song progresses, percussions are put to good use but the highlight of the song are Geetha Madhuri's vocals.

Panchakshariki Kalyanam   Listen here

Singer: Chitra
Lyricist: Suddhala Ashok Teja

As the lyrics of this song go, the song is written for a marriage occasion. Suddhala Ashok Teja's lyrics beautifully describe the wedding of Panchakshari. Having the beautiful voice of Chitra, the song has the usual wedding song tune with folk instruments and is in praise of the Goddess. One can even spot `slokas' in between. As this music review is written well before the visuals are released, one can expect load of special effects in this song. Starting with a wedding, the song ends as a lullaby. All will depend on how director Samudra has pictured it.

Nagendra Haraya   Listen here

Singer: Mano

Another devotional number in the album. The paean starts with Mano's voice that has his bass voice. Nagendra Haraya is a song in praise of Lord Shiva. Minimal instruments behind, the words are clearly heard. As the song progresses towards the end, the tempo increases.

Chinni's Composition

Panchakshari seems to be a movie related with divine powers. Given the subject line, Chinni has composed a decent album. Importance has been given to Gods and yet you have one entertaining number which prevents this album from entering the devotional genre.