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Pallikoodam Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Thursday, August 9, 2007 • தமிழ் ]
Pallikoodam Review
Vishwas Sundar
Naren, Sneha, Shreya Reddy, Seeman, Thangar Bachchan
Thangar Bachchan

Actor-director and cinematographer Thangar Bachchan has a penchant for off-beat movies. His earlier films including Azhagi, Chidambarathil Oru Appasamy and Solla Marantha Kathai dealt on earthy stories, which created a right feel among the masses.

Emotions and sentiments form the crux of Thangar's movies which reflects reality on the screen. His works on big screen have always reflected the sensibilities of an individual in a right manner.

Pallikoodam is no different from his earlier ventures as Thangar tries to capture the emotions and sensibilities of a group of individuals, who had studied together in a school.

It is about a school that faces troubles and is on the verge of shut down. Kumaraswami (Thangar Bachchan), a labourer decides to go in search of Vetrrivel (Naren), a District Collector now, who was an alumni in the school.

Fate brings old students Vettrivel, Kumaraswami and Muthu (Seeman), a film director now, together. Vettrivel. who had a broken affair with Kokila (Sneha), who studied in their school, is embarrassed to return to his village.

A flashback reveals that Vetrivel, a son of a potter, falls in love with Kokila, daughter of a rich landlord in the village. Jhansi (Shreya Reddy), who runs a medical dispensary, gets acquainted with Muthu, Kumaraswami, Vetrivel and Kokila. She is driven out of the village for encouraging the love between Vetrivel and Kokila.

How they come together to save their school from being brought down forms the crux?

The movie is inspired by Thangar's novel Kalavadiya Pozhudhugal. Emotional at many paces, the movie works out thanks to shrewd characterizations by Thangar. Naren, Seeman, Sneha and Shreya fits the bill well. Walking away with all honors is Thangar as Kumaraswami. His encounters with his friends and his wife (Meenal) are a delight to watch. His spontaneity in rendering the dialogues is praiseworthy. He has taken care of cinematography, screenplay, and direction too.

On the flip side, lengthy dialogues in many sequences, needless duet between the young Vettrivel and Kokila and a lengthy climax are a let down. Moreover, Shreya Reddy's character has of major role to play towards the second half.

Baradwaj's music is good especially the number Meendum Palliku Pogalam is a treat to listen to.

On the whole, the movie is good and takes one on a nostalgic journey.

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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