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Pallikoodam Preview

Pallikoodam Peview
Vishwas Sundar
Naren, Sneha, Shreya Reddy, Seeman, Thangar Bachchan
Thangar Bachchan


Thursday, January 1, 1970 • தமிழ் Comments

After strike the right chord with movies like Azhagi and Chidambarathil Oru Appasamy, cinematographer-director Thangar Bachchan's is getting ready for the release of his next directorial venture Pallikoodam.

As the title suggests, the movie is about the sweet memoirs of the director's school days. The film is based on the novel Kalavaadiya Paguthigal (Stolen Moments) written by Thangar Bachchan himself. The movie has huge star cast which includes Narain, Sneha, Thangar and Shreya Reddy in the cast. Music is by Bharadwaj.

Narain plays the role of a district collector, the support has Sneha (school teacher), Seeman (film-maker), Shreya (midwife in the village) and Thangar (farmer). The happenings pertain to four different periods - 1978, 1983, 1991 and 2004.

According to Thangar, "It is very rare to come across movies that speak about the school, where we gain our initial knowledge. Pallikoodam deals in detail about the sweet moments shared in school. It is a temple where men and women are molded as good future citizens of the country".

The movie produced by Vishwas Sundar. Every man on the street would be able to identify him with the movie.

"We shot the film in Pandipuram, Andimadam, Chennai and abroad. The entire star cast and the technicians have put in their best efforts. The movie will transport the viewers to the school days."

Thrilled to be part of the show, Narain said that he was honored to work with a director like Thangar Bachchan, whose films had a purpose. Acting with an experienced actress like Sneha was a great feeling.

Music by Bharadwaj is another major highlight of the movie. Since the movie deals about different periods, Bharadwaj has used instruments which were prevalent in respective periods.

Bharadwaj says, "Thangar gave me enough opportunity to come up with good musical score. Lyrics add more strength to my songs in Pallikoodam".

The audio is already a big hit. Especially the song, Meendum Palliku Pogalam, rendered by Bharadwaj himself has topped the audio charts.

Sneha, who teams up with Thangar for the first time says, "The movie is a realistic attempt. I thank Thangar for giving me meaty role to play. It is indeed very rare for an actress to come across such roles".

Summing up, Thangar says, "I vouch that the movie would be certainly different from the run-of-the-mill stuffs. It is a film that would touch the hearts of common man".