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Orey Bujjiga Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Friday, October 2, 2020 • Telugu ]
Orey Bujjiga Review
Sri Sathya Sai Arts
Raj Tharun, Malavika Nair,Vani Viswanath, Naresh, Posani Krishna Murali, Anish Kuruvilla, Sapthagiri, Raja Raveendra, Ajay Ghosh, Annapurna, Siri, Jayalakshmi, Soniya Chowdary, Sathya, Madhunandan
Konda Vijaykumar
KK Radhamohan
Anup Rubens

'Orey Bujjigaa' is the latest OTT release in the digital town. Currently streaming on Aha, the film has been billed as a comedy entertainer.


The story has its roots in a village, where a frustrated Bujji (Raj Tarun) leaves the house all of a sudden because his father (Posani) wants to get him married to a random girl. Vani Viswanath's daughter Krishnaveni (Malavika Nair) from the same village is angry with her parents for wanting to get her married to her 'bava'. She too leaves the house without intimating them.

Due to a quirk, the entire village starts believing that the Bujji-Krishnaveni duo has actually eloped. Soon, the girl is miffed with Bujji for spoiling her reputation without her involvement.

But the same Krishnaveni happens to bump into Bujji in Hyderabad and they become friends. Since she doesn't know how Bujji looks and Bujji is calling himself Sreenu, their friendship grows strong. But can a comedy of errors be far behind?


Actually, 'Orey Bujjiga' is a kindergarten circus full of kids who should have called themselves Bujji, Babloo, Pinky, Tinku, Papa, Monkey, Puppy and all. Because there are no adults in the story. Just 30 minutes into the movie, you know that the hero is hardly facing any intractable crisis in the first place. His problems are self-inflicted, precisely because the director wants to use every conceivable situation to force-fit a comedy of errors.

What is the heroine's biggest grouse with the hero, whom she hasn't even met even once? He disturbed her privacy, she cribs. By leaving the village on the same train as hers on her wedding day, he incurred her wrath. Is it an adult thing to be miffed with a person who doesn't even know of your existence?

Every other character is seen making things too obvious. Hebah Patel makes her loose morals too obvious, Posani makes his frustration too obvious, Raj Tarun makes his inability to communicate even to his parents too obvious...

The circus is made complete by a puke-worthy scene where the lead pair resolve their personal issues in a company meeting, where their colleagues look bored and their boss plays an unintentionally funny moderator.

A comedy of errors needs to be about comedy and errors that happen despite the best attempts by characters to avert them. A comedy of errors is not a farce where characters are errors. No situation in this movie is even remotely meaty, deserving of so much hullabaloo. Every other issue that crops up in the screenplay is the result of one or more characters behaving like they have no clue what they should be doing. A gang arrives in the city to search for a woman. Only one of them has got the missing person's photo on his mobile phone, which he ensures gets destroyed for fun.

The heroine develops an idea for an app without considering some basic questions. Our hero, who is a kid 24/7 minus one minute, becomes a genius for that one minute and gives her a life-changing idea. Bingo! Otherwise, our hero sends a Facebook friend request and talks like a lesbian with a woman he can't afford to mess with!

Raj Tarun's performance curve has been crashing down of late. This one is a further contraction. Malavika Nair is better than others, while Hebah Patel is a slice-of-life character (sorry, but that is the truth!). Vani Viswanath is too stiff. Sathyam Rajesh, Sathya, Saptagiri, Ajay Ghosh and others are a bit loud.

Anup Rubens' song with Sid Sriram is a saving grace. Andrew's cinematography and Prawin Pudi's editing pass muster.


'Orey Bujjiga' is a farcical comedy where characters look immature for the sake of it. The second half becomes unpalatable after a point.

Rating: 2 / 5.0

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