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Orange Music Review

Orange Music Review
Anjana Productions
Ram Charan, Genelia, Shajan, Brahmanandam, Prabhu, Suman, Pragathi, Kishore, Praneeth and Kalpika
K Nagababu
Harris Jairaj
Juicy Music
IndiaGlitz [Wednesday, October 27, 2010 • తెలుగు] Comments

Remember `Manasa' from `Munna'! That melodious romantic song still hums in your mouth and mind and that's because of Harris Jayaraj's classy composition! The man is here with `Orange' and lets see if he's got a fruitful colour out!

Ola Olaala Ala    Listen here

Artist(s): Karunya, Ranina Reddy
Lyricist: Surendra Krishna, Kedarnath Parimi

For the urban youth! Classy work by Harris that Ram Charan fans will start humming right from its beginning.

The song starts with the lyric `Ooh la' by the singers and then comes a lady rap by Ranina, who has a whacky voice that keeps coming up here and there in the song, well done girl! Male vocalist Karunya sings the song in a slow tune, which is mostly shot in Sydney! The song turns mellifluous whenever the `I am in Love' verse comes up.

A breezy song with a moderate tempo! Contemporary beats are prevalent throughout the song. Expect the hero to walk or drive on the road while this song's on!

Good start to the album.

Chilipiga   Listen here

Artist(s): Karthik
Lyricist: Vanamali

This track starts of with some excellent work of strings! Taking the song in to control is singer Karthik who dominates the music effortlessly. Besides the usual strings, find the bass guitar in use as the fillers. But as the song progresses, it might remind you of Harris work in a dubbed Telugu album - `Neevalle Neevalle'.

Yet the song stands apart with the highlight of the song being the chorus (female voices) starts singing after each stanza.

Karthik is flawless and the fillers are great with a mixture of instruments making this song, one of the best in the album!

Nenu Nuvvantu   Listen here

Artist(s): Naresh Iyer, Nadeesha
Lyricist: Vanamali

Listen to this song right from the beginning and immerse yourself in it! Harris, seems to be a romantic to the core and that's evident in this song! He's composed a romantic tune that will make you fall in love, (not just with the song) thanks to the lyrics of Vanamali! Man. That's what you call sweet romantic love filled words!

Naresh though a Tamil, has sung this song quite well! Nice work Harris you've struck gold with this song! But the song takes you to a high when the female vocalist Nadeesha joins Naresh making you hit the repeat button instantly! The song ends with the passionate humming of Naresh. Well done singers!

The Best song in the album!

Hello Rammante   Listen here

Artist(s): Vijay Prakash, Devan
Lyricist: Rama Jhogaya Sastry

Vijay Prakash, the singer who sang `Neelo Valupu' from Robo, for a second resembled Ram Charan on the headset. His voice was quite similar (not same obviously) and he sings this song with great aplomb right from the beginning of this fast paced song!

Looks like the hero is behind his girl and sings the song perhaps giving Ram Charan a chance to even show-off his dance skills! Listening to the song with a keen ear, you might be reminded of Harris's work in `Munna' at a few places.

Another youthful song that's got the urban touch like the beats and fillers that include raps in some places. Good one!

O Range   Listen here

Artist(s): Benny Dayal
Lyricist: Vanamali

`O Range', starts with a terrific work of drum beats. Benny is the singer and sings the song that talks about the attitude of today's youth. In Vanamali's lyrics you find even English and Hindi words!

Going by the song, could also be the hero's introduction or going by the lyrics you can also term it the title song. The beats are predominant in the song and quite a peppy number, you should say! The fillers go with the wind and maintain the fast tempo of the song.

As the song progresses, the song takes a note higher than the current note, thereby increasing the tempo of the song. A good fast song!

Rooba Rooba   Listen here

Artist(s): Shail Hada, Chinmayee
Lyricist: Vanamali

Harris seems to have a fetish for strings and he starts `Rooba Rooba' with the same. The prelude of the song starts with a whistle giving that class touch!

A romantic song sung by Shail Hada that has some nice delectable music with the usual `Lady Raps' that Harris uses. The song might sound ordinary in the middle verses but all the flaws are masked when Shail sings with his zest.

Listen up for the whistle in the beginning and in the end, you might end up hearing plenty of mobile phones ringing with that, once the audio becomes popular!

Harris's True Colours

Orange, may be a fruit but as a colour, it is quite vibrant just as this album is. Harris Jayaraj has composed an urban product that will surely strike a chord with the youth! Almost all songs are great with `Nenu Nuvvantu' standing out! Undoubtedly, this finds a place in your CD rack!