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Once More Kaurava Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Saturday, November 4, 2017 • Kannada ]

Highly reputed director S Mahender known for making simple, serene and sensible films with backdrop of lush greenery in his subject continues here with the same pattern in ‘Once More Kaurava’. He has a pretty good flashback, meaningful songs from K Kalyan and topper of this film is Krishna Kumar cinematography. No doubt a family subject film could have been pruned by 10 to 15 minutes.

In 1998 ‘Kaurava’ was made by same Mahender. That ‘Kaurava’ was known for ‘Hata’ – stubborn for everything. In this ‘Once More Kaurava’ the cop in the village lovable, sensible, friendly and help in village problems.

A honest and upright cop Kiran is sent Huligudda village where communal tension is evolving with the suicide of a Hindu and Muslim lovers. The last wish of the suicide lovers was burial together that is opposed by both the communities. Kiran is very specific on fulfilling this wish. Villagers are silenced on this issue. Kiran traveling on his bullet is like bullet shot when opponents come before him. He solves all the cases pending in the village that obviously irks the two landlords. At this interval time the suspense is revealed via flashback.

Kiran is none other than son of this village. He was taken to far off place by grandfather when trouble flares up snatching his parent’s life. Kiran father Huliyappa was head of the village and his rulings for the good of the villagers were not in good taste for trouble mongers. On a dark night when the stage play is going on in the village the trouble shooters kill Huliyappa and his wife.

At the same place as a cop Kiran decide not to leave the village despite of his grandfather request. He takes on the villains responsible for his father and mother death inch by inch.  It is a different type of plot – insult to MLA, Kiran and his lover Ammu – all packed once again on a stage play day in the village festival turns very costly. What is that you have to watch it on silver screen?

Naresh Gowda as producer lent everything required for the film but not for his acting. He has the build and look; the dialogue delivery should have been very strong. As this is his debut it is OK. Anusha as Ammu gets a very good chance and utilized it very well. She is promising heroine of Kannada cinema in coming days like her sister Ashika. Dynamic star Devaraj in flashback is superb in his performance.

Two new villains Bala Rajwadi and Gautham Raj from theatre backdrop have given good performance. Umesh, Bank Janardhan and team of stage play gives good relief.

The best relief from the film ‘Once More Kaurava’ that increases ‘Gowrava’ (respect) is cinematography of Krishna Kumar and music of Sridhar Sambram. The top angle aerial shots of Krishna Kumar are very beautiful and Sridhar Sambram good scoring for K Kalyan lyrics is impeccable.

S Mahender back after ‘Mahakali’ with a big film that is worth watching ‘Once’!

Rating: 3.5 / 5.0

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