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Om 3D Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Friday, July 19, 2013 • Telugu ]
Om 3D Review
NTR Arts
Kalyan Ram, Nikeesha Patel, Kriti Karabanda
Suneel Reddy
Nandamuri Taraka Advitha

There are many reasons for this film to be seen as ludicrous, but none is more important than the make-up director's immense contribution to rob the story of a few suspense elements.  His brilliance lies in helping us imagine the character of both Sampath Raj and Suresh even before the first twist is delivered; he makes them up to look like a downtrodden-loving revolutionary and an international mafia don, respectively.

There are other foreseeable and unforeseeable revelations in store, and some of them do engage us for a minute or two, only to give way for the screenplay to mock at our stupid expectation in two shakes of a lamb's tail.  Make no mistakes, only one thing is certain while one watches Om 3D.. Every conversation is invariably interrupted by an attack before the hero or his benevolent father or some other female character can have breathing space.  Kalyan Ram cannot afford to play Holi in peace, he can't peaceably have a conversation on the road, heck, he is not even allowed to sit.  He makes his eyes Xtra large, there comes a fight.  He is confused, he is threatened.  He makes a call and sits on the bike waiting for Nikita Patel, there is a fighting scene.

One thing about the conversations between the son and his English-savvy father, played by the now veteran Tamil star Karthick.  As much as you try, you will lose count of the number of times they tell each other how much they can't bear it if they were stunned out by Byreedy or Bhavani Shankar.  How many times the father self-assuredly talks about the strengths of his heroic son in the presence of the family members..

Such conversations are demanded by the script, the director might want to say.  And he can be forgiven for that.  Whether he has a fashionable hairdo or a bald head, Kalyan Ram is in perpetual danger.  What is definitely unforgivable is this: Two or three blood-curdling villains (it is difficult to keep count of the number of baddies here) brandish the gun to express their raging desire to kill the father-son duo in the latter's absence, but, strangely and illogically, they don't wield their fecund pistols when the hero is around.  They watch him with a trembling expression on their face from a distance.

In one fight, the hero enters the villain's fiefdom, beats up the thugs, overpowers one of the villains - everything while keeping the gun in his back pocket, only to be beaten on his head from behind.  In another breathtakingly imbecilic scene, one of the heroines almost shoots the Union Minister, warns him and leaves the place as comfortably and confidently as Pawan Kalyan in 'Gabbar Singh'!  Will any sensible villain tolerate a chamcha after he/she shifts loyalties?

The hero is told by one of the villains (even in the climax it is a plural, never a singular, because you never know whose villainy might be revealed next!) that he is "Shocked!"  What a characterization!

Through and through the film, the characters converse on the brink of extinction.  In one scene where Kalyan Ram has gotta go to meet a bad character (don't be surprised), the papa with the puerile hairdo stops him and talks about why he should marry the friend's daughter!

Of course, there do come some odd moments when you thank the director for showing mercy on us.  Like the scene where the papa (predictably, his name is Harischandra Prasad) dissuades the fuming son from avenging the grandpa's death (Nagineedu in a forgettable cameo).  Is it not a big relief in a movie full of killings and avengings?

Rao Ramesh's x-tra large nose has never looked obvious and kudos to the director for exposing this facial feature.  Between him and Karthik, they have more lines than the emotionally-loaded hero.

Don't even start to talk about Karthick, he is sheer torture to watch.  Kirthi Karbanda has matured enough to look like a news presenter.  Nikita Patel should be given her due: she is spot on and does full justice to her role.

Technically, the film passes muster.  The cinematography and BG score are just about ok.  What you don't understand is, why the film was made in 3D format in the first place, just as you fail to make out why it has been titled Om.

Verdict: Will give one after I have a count of the number of baddies, the number of fights in which bullets are rained, the number of tense conversations..

Rating: 2/5

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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