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Oka Pellam Muddu Rendo Pellam Vaddu Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Tuesday, June 1, 2004 • Telugu ]
Oka Pellam Muddu Rendo Pellam Vaddu Review
Rajendra Prasad, Raasi, Gurlin Chopra, Surya,Rama Prabha, Venu Madhav, Sunil, Brahmanandam,Tanikella Bharani, Jayalalitha, Jeeva, Krishna Bhagavan
Kongarapi Venkata Ramana
Dammalapati Srinivasa Rao
Vandemataram Srinivas

While activists have always targeted violence and sex in our films, things that pass off as middle class household comedy has escaped unscathed. Come to think of it, it is more dangerous. Because many seemingly innocuous stereotypes and culturally retrograde ideas gain mainstream recognition. If you think this is over-reaction, just watch Oka Pellam Muddu Rendo Pellam Vaddu.

In the guise of fun, all rules are broken and some tasteless ideas are thrust upon the audience. More disturbingly, audiences seem to be lapping up such stuff. Just consider this for a story: Satya (Raasi) and Harischandra (Rajendra Prasad) are typical next-door couple with typical aspirations. Though they have a son, Satya's brother promises them crore (Ahem!) on the condition that they beget a girl baby.

If you think this is positively cranky, mind you, things have just started: The dutiful husband and wife duo goes to a sage presumably to get his advice on how to beget a girl. So what does the sage do? He tells them to tell lies to everyone, and for good measure, provides them the popular adage abaddalu chebite aadapillalu pudataru.

Funny, heh?

However, things take even more zany turn as Harischandra, who keeps telling lies left, right and center, ends up marrying another lass Meena (Gurlin).He also makes bold to bring her into his own household and introduces his first wife as his maidservant. Two wives under a single roof. After plenty of mawkish sentiments, forgettable double entendres and some
spirited slapstick comedy, the film reaches the denouement.

It is an abiding mystery as to who thinks up such Byzantine plots. It is sickening in this age of politically correct behavior. Two wives, one of them burly and never afraid to shed her clothes may be good for private fantasy. But as a film it hurts one's sensibilities.

But what is even more depressing is that at the end of it all, there is a general chorus against bigamy (just to say that the film is one with a message). Yucky enough to puke!

On the acting front, Rajendra Prasad, who has made a career out of acting in such films, is seasoned. He just ambles in his role of a husband on double duty. His one-liners and witty asides are okay. Raasi, as his first wife, is buxom and she also passes muster in the role. Her on screen chemistry with Rajendra Prasad (her third film with him) also helps matters.

Gurlin Chopra, as the other woman, provides titillation. Some scenes involving her are vulgar and base. The other comedians Venu Madhav, Sunil and Brahmanandam go about their work predictably. Jayalalitha, Rama Prabha and Surya just about add the numbers.

The production values are tacky and most of the technical work does not rise above the median of mediocrity.

After all the senseless drama, you wonder what was the purpose of the screenplay and direction (by Kongarapi Venkata Ramana). Save for some inspired comedy in the middle section, Oka Pellam Muddu Rendo Pellam Vaddu has nothing to recommend for.

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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