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Oh My Dog Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Thursday, April 21, 2022 • తెలుగు ]
Oh My Dog Review
2D Entertainment
Arun Vijay, Vijayakumar, Vinay, Mahima Nambiar, Vinodhini Vaidyanathan
Sarov Shanmugam
Jyotika and Suriya
Nivas K Prasanna

Oh My Dog - A heartwarming kid-friendly drama to enjoy with your family this summer.

The leading actor Suriya and his wife Jyothika have produced a unique dog film with the talented Tamil actor Arun Vijay, his son Arnav Vijay and his father Vijay Kumar in the main roles. Notably, Arnav is marking his acting debut in 'Oh My Dog', in which his real-life father and grandfather are playing his onscreen parent and grandparent too. Has the trio provided a worthy entertainer for the child audience is yet to be seen.

The story opens with Fernando (Vinay), six times winner in the international dog competition, desiring to win the 7th time to create a new world record. He orders to kill one of his husky pups when he finds it is blind by birth. The puppy manages to escape from the henchmen and finds the naughty school boy Arjun of a middle-class household. Arjun names the dog Simba and trains him. Then, he teams up with his friends to get treatment for Simba and contest him in the dog competition while his father Shankar and his family are going through a financial crisis. Also, Fernando's henchmen are hunting for the husky on the other end. Did Simba get vision and was he able to participate in the championship? forms the rest of the story.

The dog, which played Simba, has delivered a great performance along with Arnav Vijay, who has registered an impressive debut. Arun Vijay and Vijay Kumar shines with their strong emotional arcs as struggling fathers. Vinay has played a comical villain role in style that is reminiscent of the negative characters from films like '101 Dalmations'. Mahima Nambiar, child artists, Bhanuchander and others in the cast have done their roles neatly in the limited screen time they got.

The debutant Sarov Shanmugan has directed a proper, crisp and convincing pet film in our industry. The premise, initial setup and the proceedings were great but it fell short as it became generic and mainstream towards the end. This could have been a splendid dog tale but the predictable screenplay emerges as a downside in the later half of the movie.

Nevertheless, 'Oh My Dog' ensures us a memorable watch and it works well for the kids, especially. Nivas K Prasanna's music is the backbone of the movie as he continues to surprise with his versatile scores all over. Gopinath's visuals and Meghanathan's cuts makes the film a pleasant watch. Go for this feel good drama to spend a quality time with your families.

Rating: 3 / 5.0

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