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O Saathiya Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Saturday, July 8, 2023 • Telugu ]
O Saathiya Review
Aryan Gowra, Mishti Chakravarty, Kalpalatha, Devi Prasad, Annapoorna, Pramodini
Divya Bhavana
Chandana Katta
Vinod Kumar

O Saathiya Movie Review

O Saathiya is a film that reminds us about our first love in life. The film has Aryan Gowra, Mishti Chakraborty in lead roles and has been directed by Divya Bhavna. The film has hit the screens today. Read our review here.


The story revolves around Arjun(Aryan Gowra), a B.Tech student who falls in love with Keerthi(Mishit Chakraborthy) at first sight. To avoid complications, Arjun advises Keerthi to pretend that they are in a relationship. The love story takes a serious turn, and Arjun becomes determined to find Keerthi when she goes missing.


The film starts off with lighthearted college episodes and gradually transitions into a more serious narrative. The director assembles a good team to bring her vision to life, but the second half could have been fast-paced to improve the overall experience. The film attempts to evoke nostalgic memories of first love, and while it succeeds to some extent. All the romantic scenes have been handled well.

In terms of performance, Aryan Gaura impresses in his role and showcases confidence despite being a newcomer. Mishti Chakraborty also delivers a mature performance compared to her previous film. The rest of the cast performs adequately, and the presence of experienced actors adds value to the film. The film highlights the importance of first love, and director Divya Bhavana effectively portrays this sentiment.

O Saathiya Movie Review

Director Divya Bhavana successfully delivers a cute love story without any major hiccups. The music may not be a highlight, but the background score is melodious, with the breakup song being noteworthy. The cinematography by Venu is well-executed, and emotional scenes and dialogues shine as the film's highlights. For that money spent, the film has some decent scenes.

The dialogues are also very impressive and show how important first love is in everyone's life. The sensitive story, camera work, lead actors, and production values contribute positively to the film. On the downside, the film's pace feels slow at times, and the lack of prominent actors and promotional efforts may limit its reach. O Saathiya successfully captures the essence of first love, reminding viewers of their own experiences.


Overall, O Saathiya is for those who like love stories. The film will surely remind you of your first love and has some good and mature romance. However, the slow pace and predictable nature of the film take the proceedings down a bit. If you are okay with the predictability, give this film a shot.

Rating: 2.75 / 5.0

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