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Nuvvu Nenu Prema Music Review

Nuvvu Nenu Prema Music Review
Suriya, Jyothika, Bhoomika
K.E. Gnanavel
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IndiaGlitz [Wednesday, August 23, 2006 • తెలుగు] Comments

Nuvvu. Nenu. Prema has a different and rare combination of artistes and the music director. Suriya, Jyothika and Bhoomika starrer Nuvvu. Nenu. Prema. Music maestro AR Rahman provided tunes to the lyrics. The audience will have high expectations on a music album that comes from the pockets of AR Rahman and he did not disappoint the audience as all the songs are quite melodious, with him rendering a melodious number. With Suriya's film 'Ghajini' proved a big hit in Telugu, with Jyothika and Bhoomika are well-known heroines among the Telugus, the industry as well as the audience have high expectations on Suriya's latest flick

1. Ammdadini Chusesthi Singers: Dr Siva Chidambaran, Gomathi, Naresh Iyer,Thedhi Kunjaramma, and Vignesh

The song is a mass song with folk touch. Veturi penned the song to suit the lip sychronisation of the Tamil original. Rendered by Dr Siva Chidambaran, Gomathi, Naresh Iyer,Thedhi Kunjaramma, and Vignesh the song has high values of mass rhythm. Maestro AR Rahman's music makes the audience enjoy this song in a rural backdrop. However, the song had the Tamil scent and the accent of some singers also added a different flavor to this music number.

2. Preminche Premava Singers: Shreya Ghoshal, Naresh Iyer

This is yet another song from Veturi with high literary values. It is a melody number and one can sit in a relaxed mood and enjoy this song. The music is quite mellifluous and like a lullaby for sometime and as the song progress, the music went up slowly. Rendered by Shreya Ghoshal and Naresh Iyer, this duet shows the love between the hero and heroine. The humming at the end of the song gives a different feel. Maestro Rahman had filled a different feel at the fag end of the song with a good humming by Shreya.

3. Newyork Nagaram Singer: A R Rahman

AR Rahman himself rendered this number. The song is melody-based and is a solo song with guitar and clarinet backdrop. The lyric had good literary value. The lyric reflects the feelings of an NRI. Especially the use of words like. "Newyork nagaram nidaroye vela nene vontari. chali o tuntari. Nalugaddala godala venuka' proves the real feel of loneliness of an NRI had when he was away from the homeland. The song is quite sweet just because it was rendered by AR Rahman himself.

4. Jil Jillumanna Prema Singer: Tanvil

This is the title song of the film. It is a chivalrous number with the heroine rendering the song in a playful mood. Tanvil lent her voice to the song and a part of the verse had a child's voice. The voice reminds of the noted singer S. Janaki, who used to change her tone while singing for a child. Now, Tanvil had mimicked a child's voice and it suited well. AR Rahman used bass guitar and trumpet in this number besides other instruments and the listener of this song could visualize that the song should have been choreographed in a light breeze or drizzle. But we have to wait and watch how it was filmed on the celluloid.

5. Maja Maja Singers: SPB Charan, Shreya Ghoshal

The lyric is a duet between the hero and heroine choreographed in a night mood. It has a quite husky voice that shows they were in a romantic mood. However, the music interludes give the choreographer some scope to use his skills in molding their romantic moods on the celluloid. The lyric reveals how the moods get elevated between a romantic pair.

6. Bangaraanni Singers: Shankar Mahadevan, Suneela Sarathi The music beat in the lyric hints that the song is an item number in the film. However, Veturi maintained his literary values in this song. Shankar Mahadevan, Suneela Sarathi rendered the song. Rahman could give some