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Nuvvante Naakishtam Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Saturday, August 13, 2005 • Telugu ]
Nuvvante Naakishtam Review
Naresh, Aryan Rajesh,Anu Mehta
E V V Satyanarayana
E V V Satyanarayana

It is difficult enough being the father of two struggling heroes. It is even more so directing a film for them. This truth comes home to roost in EVV Satynarayana's Nuvvante Naakishtam.

The predicament of whether to be the father of his sons or the director of a flick remains quite unresolved all through, and in the film ends up being neither one thing nor the other.

With two heroes and one heroine, it has to be a love tringle story. And it unfailingly is in this movie to. The story too simple and facile.

Yuvaraj (Aryan Rajesh) your typical rich NRI guy comes to a village looking to find a bride for himself. And he finds one in Radha (Anu Mehta). But not surprisingly she is in love with Demudu (Allari Naresh). But the twist is he is believed to be dead. As it happens, he comes back alive. So why is it he is thought to be as dead? Who wanted him out of the way? Who eventually gets Radha's hand? These are the questions that are answered in the climax.

The story has nothing original or innovative in it. And this banality is prevalent all through the film. The production standards are nothing to write home about.

Among the cast, Aryan Rajesh as the confused NRI is okay. But it is Allari Rajesh as the closet lover of Anu who steals the show. Anu looks good, but doesn't have much to do.

Koti's music is good in patches. The camera work is below par.

EVV seems to have been caught in a time warp. It could have been good story or film twenty years back. But now it has little context. S ve for some inspired comedy, the film has nothing to recommend for itself.

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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