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November Rain Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Saturday, March 17, 2007 • Malayalam ]
November Rain Review
Arun, Sajitha Betti, Lalu Alex, Geetha
Vinu Joseph
Anup S Nair

November Rain by the new director Vinu Joseph, is an action flick that tells the story of young Satyanarayanan, the son of Circle Inspector Krishnamoorthy. The Circle Inspector had always wanted his son to become a big officer but Satya, who take four chances to pass the Plus Two level, always dreams of becoming a boxer.

As he joins the degree in the city college, he finds friends who share similar aspirations, who are involved in college and street fights. Some in the group even share friendship with the dreaded city don Majid Ali (played by Daniel Balaji of Khakka Khakka fame). Being   part of such a group, Sathya often has to engage if fisticuffs with the local gangs of the college and in one of the encounters he happens to make an attempt on one of the gang leaders. And following that he become deserted by his friends and is denied entry to his college.

Circle Inspector Krishnamoorthy too find it disgracing to allow him into his house and throws him out. Things begin to take a very different turn as Sathya is forced to join Majidali's gang for survival.

Drastic things which follow change the meek young guy into a leader of a quotation gang.

The Story is told in a flashback mode, when the protagonist is seized by the police.  The story also deals with the relationships of the protagonist and those around him with love being the basic theme.

November Rain which attempts a blending of family sentiments, and action, don't find it good enough to become the best of either the genres.

Arun (of For the People fame) who dons the role of Satya does the role convincingly. Laloo Alex is Krishnamurthy while Geetha becomes Satya's mother Indira. Nimisha, as Satya's lover gives a little solace in the romantic angle of the film.

Viswamangal Kitsu behind the camera has done some good work and created the frames that match the mood of the film. Anup S Nair who debuts as the new music director has given some good songs which are very well choreographed.

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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