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Novel Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Wednesday, January 16, 2008 • Malayalam ]
Novel Review
Jayaram, Sada, Jagathy, Nedumudi Venu, Sarika
East Coast Vijayan
M.Jayachandran , Bala Bhaskar

A `Novel', as you know, is a term for an extended fictional prose narrative of considerable length, with some complexity that deals imaginatively with human experience.

Even its other signifier is about something strikingly new or different. But the new film with the same title is typically something that differs in everything from these definitions.

The film offers you nothing different or novel, and has a plot which can be told crisply as a short film, thoroughly extended to create hours of drag. It offers no imaginative settings or not yet heard experiences, but as an intended romantic flick, which sadly, doesn't show off its heart.

The movie, which is the debut directorial venture by Vijayan East Coast, can be strictly prescribed for those with a romantic temperament. The film develops through the life of Sethunath - a successful businessman and a poet who is presently on the limelight following his new book `Swantham' earning the commonwealth awards. As every media tries to get an exclusive from him, he keeps on evading all the possible attempts of getting into limelight. He passes off the award with less interest as he never knew who has translated the book and presented it as a nominee for the commonwealth awards.

Aneesa, the leading reporter of malayala nadu and an ardent fan of Sethunath is hell bound on getting an exclusive interview   from him and for that she bribes Subrahmaniam Swamy, the personal assistant of Sethu and somehow gets into touch with him. Impressed by Aneesa who is also a product of an orphanage where Sethu was also a resident, he begins to narrate the events in his life that led to the creation of the coveted novel.

Thereafter the film takes us on a romantic trip into the lives of Sethunath and Priyanandini, the later, a singer who hit it big with the lottery commercial that was made by Sethu. Priya who is the daughter of Dr. Bhanumathy gets offers in films, with the support of Sethu, and within days the two are drawn closer to each other. Priya becomes a source of inspiration for Sethu , who is  a victim of a disheartened marriage. He regains his power of creativity as Priya urges him to refresh his writing skills. All is well, until things get complicated following the arrival of Manju, Sethu's wife from U S, not to let him marry Priya.

As a script, the film's premises don't offer much   promises. Moreover, with such a wafer thin plot, an experienced director could have made some sequences work. The scenarists Ashok Sasi, fails to bring out anything much impressive, even though from a weaker plot. The film suffers from slow narration from the very first scene, and the only thing modern and trendy in the film is the costumes that the characters use, all along.

The high light of the film is definitely Sada, who proves well with her first outing in Malayalam. She has a heavy role under her disposal which is done incredibly well. Jayaram is in his very usual self as Sethunath. None of the others in the cast, including Shaari as Manju, Nedumudi Venu as Kunjan Nair, Bindu Panicker as Sethunath's sister and Devan as his brother-in-law have much to do. Jagathy Sreekumar as Subramaniam Swamy, is wasted in a role that stretch all across the film. The actor seriously is having a bad time with the screen, now a days. Though he is appearing in every second film that is coming out, none of them is giving him ample space to leave his personal mark.

The other highlight of the movie is definitely its songs that are, penned by the director himself. Every song in the film is exceptional, even though it cannot be said about their visualizations. Songs like `Onninumallathe..' and  `Urangaan' are already in the helm of popularity. Azhagappan behind the camera gives the film a pretty serious a

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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