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No.73 Shanthinivaasa Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Monday, June 18, 2007 • Kannada ]
No.73 Shanthinivaasa Review
Sudeep, Hirannaiah, Anu Prabhakar, Arunkumar, Chitra Shenoy, Deepu

Intelligent and consummate director Sudeep has taken a big risk this time without usual heroic elements for his image and offered a pretty good film for the family audience. 'Be good and do well' is his policy in this cinema. Seek pleasure in doing others job is his mantra in this film. This is lifted from three decades old Rajesh Khanna starring 'Bawarchi'. But the ideology Sudeep brings in this film is unique and interesting for present genre. We forget the minute happiness and go for big catch in life and not meeting it we get disappointed. Why several such minute happy moments should be given up he focuses in this film? Do well for others or share their difficulty and see them in utmost satisfaction. This is bit philosophical! Yet coming out from a young hero of Kannada cinema in his second directorial venture shows his determination and concern for the society.

In an undivided family of grandfather, his two sons, two daughters in law, bachelor son grand children there is lack of happy moments. It is because each one is pointing to his job at others and unity is in pieces of this house called 'No.73 Shanthinivasa'. The grand father Kailasnath (Master Hirannaiah) is always stuck up in his room because he has a treasure next to him. A lecturer in this family Kashi (Ramesh Bhat) and Ramanath (Srinivasamurthy) a head clerk have Shoba (Chitra Shenoy) and Seethadevi (Vaishali Kasaravalli) respectively as their wives. In this family is Radha (Deepa) Neetha (Anu Prabhakar) and Vishwanath (Komal Kumar) who wants to become a music director.

To this huge family arrives Raghu (Sudeep) as a cook. He is not only a cook but has expertise on so many topics - music, algebra, desi medicine, bharatanatya, knowledge of Sanskrit, Kannada etc. But his favorite issue is to bring happiness, see unity and peace evolve in this No.73 Shanthinivasa. Very soon he becomes a darling of everyone in the house. He becomes inevitable for everyone. His good thoughts change the outlook and mindset of every person in the family. Such a lovely person one day walks away the treasure of Kailasnath. The shock and dismay in the family puts everyone to change their attitude on Raghu. But the tutor of Radha (Deepa) comes to his house and returns the treasure. Initially he does what Raghu has told him but looking at the jealous mindset of everyone he opens up the truth. Raghu has done this trick to unite the tutor (Deepak) and Radha. Once again the inmates in ' No.73 Shanthinivasa' change their mind set on Raghu.

In the beginning of this film superstar Shivarajkumar gives an introduction to the film and at the climax Dr.Vishnuvardhana speaks on the significance of the subject of the film.

Sudeep is Mr Cool in this film. His dialogue delivery, narration of the film and not succumbing to formula film shows high degree of skill and his refined approach to cinema. As a matter of fact this type of film is required to build up our relationship, Indian culture, tradition and unity of a family. For all those who live in joint family or live away from their parents, thick and thin they can watch this film.

Another interesting factor of this film is daringness of a popular hero Sudeep. He is not there in the first half an hour of the film and at the climax. Sudeep breaks the ice with punching issues. He makes the audience to go emotional with one after the other developments.

The talkative theatre personality Master Hirannaiah has a role that does not suit his image. For Srinivasamurthy, Ramesh Bhat and Komal Kumar this is yet another role. Arun Sagar as eunuch strikes in his role. Deepa walks away with lovely screen presence. So is Anu Prabhakar. Vaishali Kasaravalli and Chitra Shenoy have supported well. New find Deepak has a sweet role in his debut.

Addaddella.. Preethi andhare Heegene.. And tha thai tha.

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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