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Njandukalude Nattil Oridavela Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Monday, September 4, 2017 • മലയാളം ]
Njandukalude Nattil Oridavela Review
Pauly Jr. Pictures
Nivin Pauly, Aishwarya Lekshmi, Ahaana Krishna
Althaf Salim
Nivin Pauly
Justin Varghese

A clueless youth, sisters galore, a close knot family ...they are all regular people that one comes across in real life. The  very familiarity is what sets 'Njandukalude Naattil Oridavela' on a platform that is warmer  and  and close to heart. Director Althaf and team has managed a real life tale exceedingly well. What is refreshing is the exclusion of over the top heroism and staid comic elements. 'Njandukalude Naattil Oridavela' is a slice of life told engagingly.

The plot centers around Kurian's (Nivin Pauly) family. An upper middle class family with all its conventions as well as freedom, the story is all about how the family deals with a crisis situation. As the movie rolls, we are taken to Chacko (Lal) and Sheela's  (Shantikrishna) life. An unexpected breast cancer scare has Sheela calling home her son Kurian from London. The family drama makes one think fo Nivin's 'Jacobinte Swargarajaym', though this one is more closer to life and Nivin has no heroic avatar whatsoever.

The absence of flashy things is a huge plus. Nivin doing such roles is not new. However repetitious, such roles suit him. The chips munching youth who doesn't have much of an idea about what he wants in life, his run ins with his sisters - which instead of him dictating them, is more of a democratic one, his relation with his father and mother are all interestingly moulded. Althaf has taken pains to flesh out each characters well. The first half of the film is used for this. There is not much happening in this part of the movie.

That said, throughout the movie we won't be able to see that usual curve in the plot. There is no earth shattering resolve or villainisms that needs solving. As mentioned before its simply a slice of life - of Kurian's time off from the land of crabs - that is the period of his arrival back home from London. There are moments that stay with you and characters that stay with you. This is the success of the movie. Some might find it too drab with a hike in expectations. But the movie manages to hold its own.

Nivin has emoted with perfection. This comic timing and the cluelessness comes naturally. There are sequences which holds a lot of emotion, but which manages to bring out a chuckle. That is a mean fete to achieve. Lal as the big father who goes jittery when his wife is diagnosed with cancer is a cool act. Santhikrishna misses no beat as she makes a come back after a gap. It is fun to see Ahaana and Srindaa lighting up the screen with their camaraderie and verve. Shiju Wilson and Sharaffudhin lent good support to the cast.

Altaf hits the right notes in narrating this family drama without any excesses and didactisms. His narrative style is spot on. James's music is in tune with the mood of the movie. They are simple yet well tuned. Camera again captures the mood brilliantly. The lack of cheesiness is evident in the frames. The editing too is done well and the colour is especially good.

A simple premise, life moments in a series of frames and the hard moments peppered with a smile makes up 'Njandukalude Naattil Oridavela'.  This is a good watch this season.

Rating: 3 / 5.0

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