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Nirantharam Nee Oohale Music Review

Nirantharam Nee Oohale Music Review
RS Infotainment
Adharva, Amala Paul
GV Prakash
Poeti Vanamali keeps it heart-touching
Tuesday, August 7, 2012 • Telugu Comments

Nirantharam Nee Oohalo's songs live up to the hearty connotation of it's title.  Vanamali perks up the album with his tasteful and deep-meaning lyrics.  GV bolsters up the feel to the utmost.

The singers prove to the right choice.  A Tamil album first, it entertains the Telugu music lovers as well.

Chinuku Padey

Artists: Aalap Raju, Megha, GV Prakash
Lyricist: Vanamali

The song is made breezy by the sprightly voice of Aalap Raju.  Megha chips in with her vocals at different points.  GV's instrumentation is reminiscent of the Tamil music of the last decade.  Vanamali's lyrics are both lovely and come with a poetic quality.

Oh Sunandha

Artists: Raman Mahadevan, Caroline, Megha
Lyricist: Vanamali

The tuning of stanzas is hummable.  Raman Mahadevan's vocals are, again, lively.  Caroline and Megha are there to fill the gaps and they do it fine.  Vanamali's lyrics will captivate any lover of Telugu language.

Oka Pari

Artists: GV, Blaaze, Megha, Andrea
Lyricist: Vanamali

Blaaze is at his usual energetic best.  GV selects the right song for himself yet again.  The song's picturization will be watched out for.  The instrumentation is soothing on ears.  Vanamali's lyrics are inventive, as they give a splendid voice to the feelings of a male lover.


Artists: Rahul Nambiar, Raihanah
Lyricist: Vanamali

This one is a mass Tamil song, oozing with the impressive vocals of Rahul Nambiar.  GV's music is just about ok, but Vanamali's lyrics are likeable.  Raihanah's rare voice is apt for the flavor of Chekumuki.  The dance moves will be watched out for.

Oh Alai Naalo

Artist: Mohammed Irfan
Lyricist: Vanamali

What is a romantic album without a song of passion (pain and longing)?  Mohammed Irfan's vocals have a ring of Bollywoodian quality to it.  GV's instrumentation sounds jangling at some points, but Oh Alai Naalo is more his kind of pain song.  Vanamali's lyrics are new-sounding to the core.


Artist: Sithara
Lyricist: Vanamali

Lines like 'Nanu gille nee pasi chetullo, nee kanna soukhyam panchedi evaru', are truly outstanding.  This song of longing is a bit inspired.  Sithara's vocals seem to be unsettling at first, but since it is a situational song, it will have to convince us as part of the film.  Vanamali's lyrics bring out the poetic best in him.

Oka Pari (Remix)

Artists: GV, Blaaze, Megha, Andrea
Lyricist: Vanamali

Oka Pari is the same, except for the usual trappings of a remix song.  Worth a listen after hearing the purer version.