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Nindha Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Friday, June 21, 2024 • Tamil ]
Nindha Review
The Fervent Indie Productions
Varun Sandesh, Annie, Tanikella Bharani, Bhadram, Surya Kumar, Chatrapati Shekar, Mime Madhu, Siddharth Gollapudi, Arun Dalai
Rajesh Jagannadham
Rajesh Jagannadham
Santhu Omkar

Nindha Movie Review

'Nindha' delves into the gripping journey of a young man obsessed with uncovering the truth behind a mysterious death.  His relentless investigation leads him down a dark path, revealing shocking secrets and forcing him to confront the sinister realities he uncovers.


Vivek (Varun Sandesh), a dedicated NHRC employee in Delhi known for securing justice for the wrongfully convicted, becomes consumed by the Kandrakota murder mystery.  Driven to unravel the truth, he finds himself entangled in a web of secrets and interconnected lives.  His investigation leads him to a cast of intriguing characters, each with a hidden connection to the case: his retired judge father Satyanand (Tanikella Bharani), Bajaraju (Charapathi Sekhar), his daughter Sudha (Annie), Dr. Chandrasekhar (Surya), SI Prakash (Siddharth Gollapudi), Lakshmipathi (Bhadram), Lawyer Krishnakanth (Mime Madhu), Manohar (Sreeram), and Manju (Q. Madhu).  As Vivek digs deeper, the intricate relationships and shocking revelations unveil the true complexity of the Kandrakota murder.

Nindha Movie Review


Rajesh Jagannadham's "Nindha" attempts to capture the audience's attention with a crime drama inspired by real-life events, set against the backdrop of Kandrakonda in Andhra Pradesh. The film aims to highlight the stark reality that even with evidence-based judgments, innocent individuals can be wrongfully convicted. While the premise is intriguing, the execution falls short, leaving viewers with a sense of disappointment.

The initial investigation, showcasing Vivek's (Varun Sandesh) relentless pursuit of justice, holds promise. However, the narrative falters quickly. The introduction of masks and their sudden removal feels illogical and disrupts the flow of the investigation. The first half ends on a moderately engaging note, leaving viewers hopeful for a thrilling second act.

Unfortunately, the second half fails to deliver on those expectations. Once Vivek's identity is revealed, the investigation loses direction, becoming overshadowed by a forced romantic subplot that hinders the film's momentum. While the director intended to surprise audiences with the pre-climax and climax twists, they feel predictable, failing to deliver the desired impact.

Despite the shortcomings, Varun Sandesh delivers a commendable performance, showcasing the zeal of a young justice seeker. Tanikella Bharani adds weight to the film with his nuanced portrayal of a pivotal character. Annie surprises with her performance in the pre- climax twist, while Madhu's contribution to the narrative is noticeable.

Nindha Movie Review

The supporting cast, including Mime Madhu, Siddharth Gollapudi, Bhadram, and Chatrapathi Sekhar, deliver solid performances.

Cinematography by Ramiz Navneeth captures the rural settings realistically. However, the background score by Santu Omkar could have been more impactful. The songs, while situationally relevant, disrupt the narrative flow. The editing by Anil Kumar P lacks finesse, with unnecessary scenes dragging the film's pace. Production values are adequate.

"Nindha" unfortunately falls victim to a weak screenplay and direction. The missed opportunity for a gripping crime drama leaves viewers with a sense of dissatisfaction, despite the commendable efforts of the cast and crew.


"Nindha" marks a departure for Varun Sandesh, showcasing him in a new light, and he delivers a respectable performance.  Director Rajesh Jagannadham aimed for a hard-hitting narrative, tackling a pertinent social issue.  However, despite the good intentions, the film ultimately falls short due to a lackluster screenplay and a script that fails to pack a punch.

Rating: 1.5 / 5.0


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