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Nepali Music Review

Nepali Music Review
OST Films
Bharath, Meera Jasmine, Prem
VZ Durai
Rama Saravanan
Srikanth Deva
Energetic, entertaining and enthusiastic!
IndiaGlitz [Wednesday, March 19, 2008 • தமிழ்] Comments

Srikanth Deva is hitherto known for his peppy and racy songs. A young music composer, he has proved that he too can come up with quality musical score that is contemporary, trendy and chic.

'Nepali' is a quality album which has fresh vocals coupled with a excellent harmony, instrumentation and good use of trumpets and saxophone.

Also Srikanth Deva has opted for some melodious numbers too. The man with maximum movies this year has laced the songs right rhythm made to good use.

Director V. Z. Durai has also lent his voice to a couple of songs set to the tunes of Srikanth Deva.

(Vedanai Pola Naan)

A melodious number but oozes with lively energy. Karthik, Bombay Jayashree, Savitha and Suchithra render the song in the company of V. Z. Durai. As usual Karthik is at his best while Bombay Jayashree's mastery in classical music comes to the fore.

Srikanth Deva has come up with enthralling music using the saxophone to the maximum during the interludes.

Yugabharathy's lyrics are catchy and sentimental.

(Wanna Sexy Lady)

As the title of the track suggests, it is a vibrant and peppy number rendered by Sunitha Sarathy and Megha. Quite typical to Srikanth Deva's earlier works, the song begins on a soft note and it gathers momentum as it progresses.

Peppy drum beats, the use of additional rhythm and a catchy chorus are the highlights of the number. Lyrics by Karthik Netha is sure to attract youngsters. The lyrics are hot and openly suggestive.

(Hey You Wow)

It's a song with heavy instrumentation. Rap, peppy beats, heavy acoustics merge together in this song. Thanvi, Siva and director Durai have sung with an open-throated voice. The track has a long spell of drum beats followed by a rap bit.

The catchy chorus with strains of guitar gives the song the right lift.

(Kanavile Kanavile)

Again a foot-tapping number. Rendered by Sathyan, and Swetha, the song again starts with a rap.

Swetha is impressive with her soft rendition of the song while Sathyan goes all banging.

Yugabharathy's lyrics are soul-stirring while a catchy instrumentation, beautiful chorus and the fast-paced rhythm are scintillating.

(Suthuthey Suthuthey)

Inspired by a popular Western number, Srikanth Deva has come up with a racy number rendered by Yugendran and Vijay.

With more English words, the song is sure to find a place on the dance floors. the instrumentation is impressive coupled with the energetic voice of Yugendran.

In addition, the album also includes three small strains. The track 'the Words of Nepali (Story1)' is soft ane melodious. Laced with strange words, the song reflects the tribal life in an alien land.

'Love in A Minor (Story2) is a soft track with strains of flute and saxophone, while the 'Sound of action (Story3)' is a powerful, high-decibel instrumentation capturing the mood of its theme.

Thanks to Srikanth Deva, Durai's 'Nepali' is a youthful and enthusiastic album which is sure to attract youngsters.