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Nenunnanu Music Review

Nenunnanu Music Review
Nagarjuna, Nayantra, Poonam,
VN. Aditya
He delivers again
Sunday, April 4, 2004 • Telugu Comments

Keeravani is a highly under-rated but highly skilfull music composer. He has uncanny ability to rise to the occasion. And when it concerns Nagarjuna film, he is unfailingly good.

In Nenunnanu too he is.

He sets the tempo in the first song Ettago Unnadi itself. Sung with authoritative gusto by Tippu and the ever-reliable Chitra, the song is catchy for its foot-stomping music. It is bound to be a favourite among the TV channels.

The eponymous Neunnani is done justice by Chandro Bose words and Keervani and Sunitha. It is a throwback to a different era where the orchestration is simple and straight forward.

Ryali Ravulupadu is folksy and zingy. Tippu and Sunitha are more than adequate for the catechism-kind of song.

The last song in Side A Intha Dooram is lifted dramatically by the National Award winning singer Shreya Ghoshals faultless vocals and Tippus boundless enthusiasm.

Chitra almost betters Shreyas vocals in E Shwasalo. Cast in a classical mode, the song reaches for your heart.

Nuziveedu sung by two hardcore Bengalis Arnob Chakravarthy and Shreya Ghosal is splendid on two counts --- one for the melody and the other for the acceptable pronunciation of Telugu words. Shreya keeps her form in tact in Nee Kosam. In fact she is in her elements with the right nuances.

The biggest strength of this album is Keervani has got his mix right. It is racy. It is lilting. It is rhythmic. It is soft.