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Nenjirukkum Varai Music Review

Nenjirukkum Varai Music Review
Naren, Deepa
S.A. Chandrasekaran
Srikanth Deva
Hearty and wholesome
Wednesday, December 6, 2006 • Tamil Comments

Srikanth Deva is known for rhythms that have something more than just mass appeal. Having established a name for himself with crusty (even though slightly tacky) tunes, he has again not let the expectations go awry. He has delivered what has been asked of him in Nenjirukkum Varai too.

He has composed six tunes, which are predominantly high-pitched and accompanied by his energy-busting rhythms. But for a couple of songs rendered by Hariharan, Srikanth Deva has struck to his strength namely, heavy music and racy lyrics.

In the company of Pulianthope Palani, the music composer has given a popular Gaana song `Mambhazham Vikkira Kannamma.' This is an album which should make it big among front-benchers.

Azhagaana Ponnu (Shoba Chandrasekhar, Gopal Sharma)

It is a song which takes us to the club dance numbers of yesteryear Hindi films that featured Helen.

A typical item number with a catchy chorus, it has Shoba Chandrasekhar (actor Vijay's mother) singing with a lilting voice. There is a raw attraction to the beat and tune.

The lyric is very much pedestrian.

Kadhaliyae (Haricharan)

A soft melody.  A love-lorn youth sings about his girl. It is an unusual Srikanth Deva composition that we get to hear, in this song. He has used flute accompanied by a few violins to accentuate the soft effect. Then Haricharan, with his dulcet throat takes over. Despite the slight ordinariness of the tune, Hari takes the song to agreeable heights. He breathes freshness into it.

Kichu Kichu (Saindhavi, Udit Narayan)

A brisk song. Saindhavi begins in coruscating style. Srikanth Deva has fused Carnatic music with hip-hop stuff. He has tried a blend between mridangam, veena and drums. Also coming into play are the thavil and nadhaswaram. Udit Narayan has a way with the tune.

Saindhavi is bubbly and energetic than Udit Narayan. This song can be enjoyed in parts.

Mambhazham Vikkira (Pulianthope Palani, Thippu, Deva Kumar)

Srikanth Deva has taken a leaf out of his father. He has come out with a typical Chennai Gaana song.

With seasoned 'Gaana' singer Pulianthope Palani around, Srikanth can't go wrong. This song is sure to appease front-benchers.

Orumurai Parthen (Hariharan, Sadhana Sargam)

The song begins with a rap. With Hariharan at the helm, the song immediately settles down to a right rhythm. Srikanth Deva has reproduced a tune of his father. Sadhana Sargam's good diction deserves special mention.

 Pudichirukku (Bombay Jayashree, Vijay Yesudas)

If you think that with Bombay Jayashree and Vijay Yesudas around, the music composer would come up with a soft melody, you would be disappointed.

Srikanth Deva has come out with a romantic classic inspired by western classical music stuff. He has used guitars and additional beats for the songs. Both the singers have sung on a lower range. The harmony is excellent.

Listen till you have the heart and never stop, for has all the songs from Nenjirukkum Varai, which you can keep listening to.