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Nehle Pe Dehla Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Saturday, March 3, 2007 • Hindi ]
Nehle Pe Dehla Review
Sanjay Dutt, Saif Ali Khan, Bipasha Basu, Kim Sharma, Shakti Kapoor, Mukesh Rishi, Aasif Shaikh, Shiva
Ajay Chandok
Mahendra Dhariwal

It is silly. It is inane. It is unbelievable.

It is so easy to lash a movie when the chips are down. Years in the making and struggling to hit the marquee, NEHLLE PE DEHLLA, was never meant to be a classic. Heck, it never even intended to take itself seriously

This is why there is a surprise in store if one watches the film with no apprehensions or expectations. Because those 2 hours do come packed with enough fun moments to make you come out of the auditorium smiling and some of the sequences linger in your mind even hours after the film is over.

Meet Johny [Sanjay Dutt] and Jimmy [Saif Ali Khan], two small time crooks. Often meeting each other in jail, they love to hate each other.

Once out of jail, they hit upon a dying accountant [Avtar Gill at his down-market best, something that he does quite well] who has been knocked out by the partners of Balram [Shakti Kapoor], a scheming Manager who has done a 30 crore worth `ghotala' off her niece Pooja's [Bipasha Basu] Hotel business. Since the accountant is in the know-how of this scam, it was imperative that Balram along with his `tikdi' of Punjabi brothers, Mukesh Rishi, Asif Sheikh and Shiva, get him out of their way.

So far, so 90s and so nostalgic!

All this and more continues in a comic mode without giving the situations any overtly dramatic or thriller mood and credit goes to script writer Yunus Sejawal, dialogue writer Rumi Jaffrey and director Ajay Chandok who have just one plan in mind - to keep the situations light hearted and let the audience enjoy the proceedings with a smile on their face.

Coming back to the plot, once the dying accountant gives Jimmy and Johny the hint about 30 crore scam, they get themselves employed as waiter in the same hotel to get to the root of the problem and unearth the mystery. There they meet Pooja and her best friend Kim [Kim Sharma], and in true 90s style, they all become soul mates.

While non-stop fun continues as Jimmy and Johny try to search for the money in the hotel, there is a twist in the plot as they realize that it is Balram who is the mastermind behind all the scam. Meanwhile Balram too wants his `tikdi' to knock off the two and calls them all for a visit to Mauritius. But the trio has a plan of their own as they now intend to be the boss and instead kill Balram himself.

Once Jimmy and Johny arrive to meet Balram, they realize that he is dead and along with him goes their dream of getting 30 crores. But the fun is not over as the dead man is their key to survival. And now they need him to be with them more than anyone else who was alive.

Many more funny situations follow as the trio is given an impression that Balram is alive. And now they want to kill him at all costs. What happens next is a `bhel-puri' of funny situations that involves the nostalgia of David Dhawan films and makes you laugh along at the absurdity and inanity of situations.

It is easy to write off a film like this but at the end of the day one needs to realize the fact that penning a script like this is also not a joke. With a paper-thin plot, what is of utmost importance is to plug the narrative with so many fun moments and gags that the audience doesn't get time to think.

This is the reason why some of the scenes make the audience gets into collective laughs:

a)     Sanjay Dutt introducing a child and a female as Avtar Gill's family to Shakti Kapoor
b)     Sanjay Dutt laughing at Saif Ali Khan after being promoted as a Lobby Manager
c)     All the scenes featuring Asif Sheikh as a dumb Punjabi wannabe gangster. Wish we see more of him.
d)     All the scenes featuring Shak

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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