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Neena Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Friday, May 15, 2015 • മലയാളം ]
Neena Review
LJ films
Ann Augustine and Vijay Babu

'Nee-Na' has been dubbed a "female-oriented movie", with a message to convey. It does convey a message, albeit in a bit of a didactic manner, but that "female-oriented" tag sure is hogwash, since the perception is decidedly very male. 'Nee-Na' is a detour from the kind of films that we see around and Lal Jose has succeeded in showcasing a way of live, not much explored in Malayalam cinema.

The movie is distinctively urbane and the three cities St. Petersberg, Mumabi and Kochi set the tone for the narrative. Though it is the tale of two women Neena and Nalini, Nalini played by Ann Augustine is shaded, maybe because, an orthodox housewife wouldn't have a "story" when pitted against an happening, daring, sensuous and sinful professional. The space that Neena gets in the narrative is immense and Deepthi Sathi has quite impressively carried out the role. She sure is here to stay.

The movie begins in St. Petersberg and then moves on to Mumbai where Vinay Panikkar, played by Vijay Babu is the branch head of an advertising firm. He relocates to Kochi with his wife Nalini and son. His encounter with his colleague - Neena - a daredevilry of a woman has him in tangles, as the two hit it off. An unconventional woman, she is a chronic alcoholic and smoker and leads life in her own terms - the terms in itself is pure evil. Her very addiction lands her in a deep pit.

Vinay Panikkar's equation with both these very different women and his self-realization is delved in the movie. Vijay Babu's portrayal of Vinay is subtle and kudos to the actor for keeping the intensity and intrigue just right. Supporting actors like Chemban Vinod as "Kari oil" as Neena calls him - the small goon,  Vinu Mohan as Sunny and Lena as the psychologist are all ones that are pivotal and stays with you.

Relationships are the movie's essence. Lal Jose and scribe R. Venugopal has looked at certain man-woman relationships that defies definitions and the story unravels, trying to slot and the mess and given them a defined boundary while stressing that passion is a complicated thing. Viewers can feel divided about the kind of impact such a movie may bring upon.many may find the second half dull, with the addictions of Neena being focused on.

The cinematography by Jomon is good with the complex feelings, the urbane landscape, the night life, the light and shades all captured beautifully. The movie is a long one lasting for over two hours. Editing is also good and so is the music, reflecting the city trends and mix of languages reflecting a flux and intermingling of cultures.

All in all 'Nee-Na' a watchable movie, conceived in a novel manner. This not a run of the mill kind of entertainer and should be enjoyed for what it is without any tags attached.

Rating - 3/5

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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