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Neal 'N' Nikki Preview

Neal 'N' Nikki Peview
Uday Chopra, Tanisha
Arjun Sablok
Aditya Chopra

Neal 'N' Nikki

Thursday, January 1, 1970 • Hindi Comments

You enjoyed Bunty 'aur' Babli painting the town red with their criminal acts at the beginning of the year. You followed it up with the live-in saga of Nick and Amber in 'Salaam Namaste'. Now get set to have some more fun with Neal 'n' Nikki later this year who promise to be even funnier, even naughtier and even more enjoyable.

Because while Neal believes that he is nothing short of a rock star or a superstar, Nikki feels that she is sweet, sexy and the most hot'n'happening. And this is not something that we say! This is claimed by none other than Neal and Nikki themselves! Haven't you heard the title song of N3 by now?

Welcome once again to the feel good world of Yash Raj Films that promises to let your worries vanish and take you to a frothy outing where everything is just too COOOOOL! Shot entirely in the picturesque and some never-seen-before locations of Canada, N3 is touted to be the most funny and naughty movie ever. So let's introduce you to the two prime protagonists who star in this Arjun Sablok directed movie!

Neal [Uday Chopra] believes that he is the GOD's gift to womankind. Always believing that he is the coolest boy alive, he is super confident. But is he a person whom dudes are made of?

Naah....! Because though he invariably 'gets' what all young guys 'desire' of, there are situations when he does get into a spot too.

Sometimes things turn messy...sometimes they are easy situations to handle. Sometimes he charms a girl...sometimes girls just turn their backs away while he is trying his funny antics. But all in all, he still is 'happy' and 'makes merry', as girls LOVE him for what he is.

So what happens when his parents, who have come from Punjab to make Canada their home, decide that this is the time for him to get married? He obviously revolts...right? WRONG! Because he very well knows that the 'kind' of girls that he has spent his time with, can obviously not be an ideal 'wife-material'! So off he says YES to his parents and gives them a free handle to search the best for him. And the best he gets! Because soon props up the name of a Bhatinda girl called 'Sweetie'. But before he takes 7 pheras with her, he has a condition - he wants to enjoy his last few days of bachelorhood by going for a 3 week vacation. DDLJ revisited?

Off he reaches Vancouver and this is where he comes across Nikki [Tanisha]. Full name: Nkita Bakshi. And he hates her in a big way. Reason? She turns out to be a thorn in his flesh as just when he thought the world couldn't have been a better place to live in, she makes an appearance. And as luck would have it, she is there just about everywhere. All the dreams of Neal to get a BIG win with girls in his vacation period of spoiled big time by Nikki and there just doesn't seem to be any way out. So does Neal turn revolting?

Naah...! Because instead both decide to become buddies and try knowing and understanding more about each other.

Nikki too turns out to be a Punjabi by birth who has moved to Vancouver to know more about herself. A modern girl, she loves one thing in life - picking up jobs and leaving them soon. And all this while she wants to have fun and frolic. This pretty much matches Neal's way of living too as both of them are carefree, jolly with a happy-go-lucky attitude. They start knowing much more about each and realize that they are more similar than different. So do sparks fly?

Naah...(yet again)! Because Nikki had some plans of her own....and Neal too realizes that soon!

And this is where the movie turns out to be 'different' than a routine candy floss love story. Because on one side Nikki helps him find the 'kind' of girls he wants to spend his vacation, on the other side there is something more than what meets the e