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My character in 'Mosagallu' is very interesting: Naveen Chandra

Monday, March 8, 2021 • Tamil Comments

My character in Mosagallu is very interesting: Naveen Chandra

Naveen Chandra is looking forward to the release of 'Mosagallu' on March 19. In his latest interview, the actor not only talks about the Jeffrey Chin-directed thriller starring Manchu Vishnu and Kajal Aggarwal but also about his career so far, how he is doing three films simultaneously and more.

You have come a long way since 'Andala Rakshasi'. How does it feel?

I have always been looking for good stories. Through the years, I have struggled and, finally, I am getting to do characters meant for me.

I have got to play a number of roles, each different from the others. For example, I could make a mark even in films such as 'Aravindha Sametha' and 'Evaru', which had a number of other important actors. I stood out in them. In the Tamil movie 'Pataas', starring Dhanush, I was seen as a 45-year-old boxer, to play which I had to do a lot of imagining.

What is 'Mosagallu' about? In a film with huge casting, where does your character fit in?

'Mosagallu' is about a scandal of gigantic proportions. For perspective, it is valued at more than Rs 2,800 Cr. It's a scam about with America feels embarrassed to talk about and the Indian government is mum.

Coming to my character, I have played Vishnu Manchu-Kajal Aggarwal duo's cousin in it. He is not only gutsy but also goes out of the way to save his cousins. Navdeep's character comes up with a wild plan. And my character, which is into drugs, has the knack for hoodwinking the police. He has a significant role in the execution of the scam.

Apart from doing drugs, does your character have any other quirks?

Besides doing drugs, he is quite explosive. And he is into lifting iPhones and mechanical parts of vehicles. If he is not under the influence of drugs, he can't be intelligent. It was fun playing the character. The audience may not like the character but they are going to enjoy watching him.

My character in Mosagallu is very interesting: Naveen Chandra

What kind of scenes do you have with other characters?

Suneil Shetty has played a cop. My character is the one who is the link between the cousins and the cop. Kajal plays a woman who doesn't understand how my character behaves on a given day.

How did you approach the role?

I was in the mood of the character while doing the film. Since he is a violent guy, I had to get into the vibes of the role.

'Mosagallu' has been billed as an intelligent film. What makes it unique?

It shows how the fraudsters game the system successfully and manage to pull the wool over the eyes of the system until they are caught. The director is an American. But he has mounted the film as an Indian one.

What are your upcoming movies?

I am playing an important role in Varun Tej's 'Ghani'. I will be seen in a web series produced by Arka Media. I have a movie each for Lucky Media and UV Concepts. Once I am done with my Telugu projects, I will be doing a couple of Tamil films.

With so many projects, your hands are full. How are you managing the amount of work?

It has been non-stop working for me from six in the morning to 11 pm. On days, I am having to do three films at a time. I have shed unhealthy weight, thanks to diet regimen, workouts and yoga.

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