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Mumbai Xpress Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Friday, April 15, 2005 • தமிழ் ]
Mumbai Xpress Review
Raj Kamal Films International
Kamal Hassan,Manisha Koirala, Ramesh Arvind, Kovai Sarala, Vyapuri, Hardik, Dheena, Sarath Saxena
Singeetham Srinivas
Chandra Hassan, Kamal Hassan

The thing about Kamal Haasan's movies is that they never take the audiences for granted. There is never an attempt at short-changing. The viewers get what they are promised. If it is masala film, it will be a wholesome one. If it is a serious one, it will be handled with sensitivity.

Before Mumbai Xpress we were all promised plenty of guffaws and hardy entertainment, and on that count Kamal does not disappoint. Mumbai Xpress is a roller coaster ride of mirth, fun and typically some Kamal kind of serious sentiments that are fed almost imperceptibly, laced with comedy.

The story is simple and straight: It is a comedy of errors. Avinash (Kamal), a bike stunt specialist in a circus, is incorporated into a gang (Pasupathi, Vaiyapuri, Ramesh Aravind and Avinsah's sister Kovai Sarala) that wants to kidnap a rich Chettiar's son.

But, as it happens, they end up kidnapping another boy who is an illegitimate son, born to an affair between ACP (Nasser) and an ex-bar girl Ahalya (Manisha Koirala).

The entry of this young boy (Hardhik) makes Avinash understand life and its people. Avinash, who is hard of hearing, had also been blind to reality. All is well that ends well. But after all the experience, Avinash emerges wiser.

There is little to complain on the acting front. Kamal is simply superb as only he can be. The nuances he comes up with just surprises you with every film. Ramesh Aravind, with a brilliant make up, is special. As a greedy insurance agent, he is believable and endearing. So are Vaiyapuri, Pasupathy and Nasser. Manisha is okay. The young boy Hardhik is simply too good.

The technical aspects in any Kamal film are first rate. It is here too. Ilayaraja's music, the jazz feel staying with you all through, is evocative and so are the sets and the camera work of Siddharth.

Kamal's dialogues and screenplay deserve special mention as they never let you in peace --- they make you laugh all through.

On the negative side, the climax seems abrupt and a couple of scenes seem dragging. But these are minor quibbles.

Singeertham Srinivasa Rao, the director, has marshaled his resources with aplomb and panache. Frankly, his bunch of talented artistes would not have given him any trouble.

Mumbai Xpress --- a fun train, all through.

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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