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Mukti Bhawan Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Friday, April 7, 2017 • Hindi ]
Mukti Bhawan Review
Red Carpet Moving Pictures
Adil Hussain , Lalit Behl, Navnindra Behl, Palomi Ghosh, Geetanjali Kulkarni, Anil Rastogi
Shubhashish Bhutiani
Sanjay Bhutiani, Sajida Sharma


Adil Hussain has been in our Hindi films since 'Kaminey' and 'Ishqiya'. With every release of his, he has been showcasing his potential as a fine actor. He has been balancing his selection of films properly with few commercial films, a couple of international projects followed by some path breaking independent realistic type of films.

'Mukti Bhawan' is one such realistic based film, which has been highly appreciated in many film festivals all across the globe. So, besides these laurels and an interesting backdrop to the tale, there is no buzz or expectations attached to this movie.


'Mukti Bhawan' is a story of Dayananad Kumar (Lalit Behl) who lives with his son Rajiv (Adil Hussain), daughter in law Lata (Palomi Ghosh) and grand daughter Sunita (Geetanjali Kulkarni). One day Dayananad Kumar gets a feeling that he is going to die in sometime and thus want to go to Mukti Bhavan, a place in Varanasi, where old age people check in to die and seek salvation. Dayanand Kumar is accompanied by Rajiv and together they stay in the hostel which is managed by Mishra Ji (Anil Rastogi). Rajiv has work deadlines to complete and cannot waste any single day, but fate has its own tale to narrate.

The 'Glitz' Factor

The story is interesting and has a premise which is inspired from a real life place set in the city of Varanasi. The movie has been presented with good tone of humour and emotional moments. The scenes are natural and realistic. There are many engaging and entertaining scenes which add life to the flow of the film.

The dialogues are realistic and soothing. The cinematography is good and goes with the mood of the film. The background music is good, but could have been much better.

Debutant director Shubhashish Bhutani comes up with an unusual film, which narrates the hidden tale set in the heartland of the India. Adil Hussan and Lalit Behl are fantastic in their roles. Navindra Behl and Anil Rastogi lend good support.

The 'Non-Glitz' Factor

On the flip side, the narration is super slow. The whole slow treatment of the film dilutes the impact and leaves you with boredom at several times. The scenes and situational are repetitive in the middle of the film. The culmination part could have been much better and interesting.

The movie had the full potential to become a dark humour based film, but ends up falling short at few places.

Debutant director Shubhashish Bhutani starts off on a brilliant basis, but falter around in the middle and finale portions. He tries to keep the movie realistic and connects on the humanitarian level. The narrative should have been bit crisp and to the point. Geetanjali Kulkarni and Palomo Ghosh are wasted.

Final 'Glitz'

'Mukti Bhawan' promises to lead you to the path of salvation but thanks to its slow narrative and repetitive scenes the movie ends up as a half road to salvation.

Rating: 2.5 / 5.0

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