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Muddula Koduku Music Review

Muddula Koduku Music Review
Ravi Krishana, Gopika
Radha Mohan
A M Rathnam
Vidya Sagar
Typical numbers
IndiaGlitz [Tuesday, July 12, 2005 • తెలుగు] Comments

Vidya Sagar is on a high these days. The success of Chandramukhi has catapulted him to the big league. But with winning comes the responsibility. Now, he has to prove his credentials on a consistent manner.

Vidya Sagar, as his songs in Chandramukhi and Swaraabhishekam showed, likes the classical strain. He is at his best in composing typical, straight-bat melodies. Though he has come up with mass numbers for his Tamil films, his strong suite is still classical numbers.

In the event, Muddula Koduku is a big test for him. It has a young hero and heroine, who are capable of shaking a stylish leg, in the cast. It is a youthful subject, too.

1) Do Re Me

A 'rappy' number with all the beats and variations that the disco set would want. The song lists Cicily and Harish Raghavendra as the singers. It is difficult to say who sings what. The only voice identifiable is the one that comes across as Sukhvinder Singh's. But who cares? Good enough for shaking your legs.

2) Vennela Kurisenu Le

The song starts beautifully in a folksy sort of way. The essential lilt stays that way. Vidya Sagar doesn't experiment much with his instrumentation and brings in all the right intonations. Sujatha and KK, the singers, are as usual efficient. This simple song stays with you for long and looks destined to be a winner.

3) Kadile Silpam

Another modern-day song with lot of high-pitch, fast-paced singing. There is nothing redeeming in whole number except for the fact both Udit Narayan and Sujatha look in fine form. They bring a rare energy to their renditions and that lifts the song.

4) Dhachuko

Anuradha Srinivas and Mathangi combine. So do we need to say anything more about the genre? But Vidya Sagar has showed lot of imagination is this fast-paced song by bringing in a lot of variations and variety in the instrumentation. More importantly, he has managed to masquerade a classical type of song in this vein. Anuradha Sriram's is very pleasing and comes up with the right twists and turns in tones. Mathangi gives her very good company. And in their partnership, the song rises to good heights.

5) Chiru Gaali

There is a touch of Ilayaraja in the opening strains. The tune itself is an uncomplicated melody from the past. The sweet cadences are accentuated in the honeyed voices of Srinivas and Sadhana Sargam. Srinivas, one of our most under-rated singers, is positively pleasing. Our musicians should use him more regularly.

6) Chal Chal

Sowmya starts in a serene manner. But before you blink, the beats start, and then they never stop. It is a typical rambunctious number with nothing extraordinary. Sowmya comes across as a poor man's Chitra. Tippu is okay. But he is increasingly predictable in such songs.

On the whole, Vidya Sagar sure shows glimpses of his undoubted talents. But unfortunately, the full picture doesn't emerge.