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Muddula Koduku Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Friday, September 2, 2005 • తెలుగు ]
Muddula Koduku Review
Ravi Krishana, Gopika
Radha Mohan
A M Rathnam
Vidya Sagar

Good intentions don't really win you any points at the box office. Muddula Koduku is a good example of that.

The film, a reflection of director Radha Mohan's inclination to come up with an inspiring and a clean story.The film has every good thing, .

The story is about Venu (Ravi Krishna), middle-class youth, suffers from terminal inferiority complex as he has a scar in the face. He is also his mother'(Revathy) son as he lives life trying to hide his scar.

Carrying his family burden manfully, Venu just cannot come to grips with his facial disfigurement. He cannot even accept the love of his neighbor (Gopika).

When the doctor says that he can have plastic surgery and get back to normalcy, Venu is a changed man. With a svengali (Prakash Raj), Venu chases money like hell. But in the process he loses the essential goodman in him. He loses his mother in the process.

So what is more important in life --- a kind heart or a cute face? The film answers this elementary question.

Ravi Krishna brings up the right expressions for youth in inner turmoil.It is clear he is making progress as an actor. Gopika, as the doe-eyed neighbor, strikes the right chords. She is effective in a simple and uncomplicated role.

Ditto for Revathy as Ravi's mother. Though maudlin and cloyingly sentimental her role may be, Revathy delivers what is expected of her. Prakash Raj as Venu's mentor carries off his role with typical elan.

The comedy of Venu Madhav doesn't work as it is contrived in many places.

Vidyasagar's music is good in patches only.Two songs are good but he doesn't seem to be the man we have known. The technical aspects of the film are good .

Radha Mohan's direction is good in getting best out of his artistes.

Amidst action-packed masala movies these days, Muddula Koduku is a refreshing change.

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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