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Mr & Mrs Sailaja Krishna Murthy Music Review

Mr & Mrs Sailaja Krishna Murthy Music Review
Sivaji, Laila, Tanikella Bharani, Banerjee, LB Sriram, Brahmanandam, Ali, Venu Madhav, Krishna Bhagavan,
Siva Nagewara Rao
Atluri Purnachandra Rao
Rohit Raj
Mr and Mrs Sailaja Krishnamurthy
A winner all the way
IndiaGlitz [Tuesday, November 2, 2004 • తెలుగు] Comments

There is always a freshness to anything new. Listen to the new music director Rohit Raj you will understand it.

For a debutant, he is not afraid to try new things. But at the same time, he does not experiment for the sake of it. Mercifully, he has an ear and heart for melody.

Mr. & Mrs Shailaja Krishnamurthi is certainly a strong start. It offers hope to anyone worried about the state of Telugu film music.

1.Ammai Manasante   
Do you like sitting by the fire on a cold, dank evening and listening to distant, long-last lilts? Well, this number is specially for you. A melodious tune whose sweetness is accentuated by the velvet-voiced Sujata. There is an ineffable warmth that is reassuring in this number. There is a touch of early day-Rahman, but surely that would be complaining
too much. The orchestration is varied and vivid. Simple and soulful.

2.Asale Chalikalam   
This is a folksy number --- that of Kerala. The Malabar (Moplah) feel is unmistakable. Tippu and Kalpana are more than adequate. Tippu, with his verve and vivacity, shows why he is so popular with Telugu music directors these days. The song just grows on you. Kalpana, with a different voice, is also a singer to watch.

3.Dhinak Dhin Dhillole
Devan is a modern-day singer who loves the beat to be lively and loud. And it is in this song. A fast number, this is one is strictly for youthful headbangers.

4.Oho Chandamama  
Sujatha again. And yet another cute melody that stays with you long after the song is over. The tune and orchestration is simple --- and in this overcomplicated times that should count as a major blessing. There is nothing funky or overly done about this number. Curl up in you bed, pick a cup with something that cheers you and listen to this. Life is divine.
5.Naa Manase Ninne Korindiga   
Have you heard about the singer Ganga before? Well, you will like to after listening to this. She is very promising with her range and depth. Tippu is as usual in good fettle in this number that is redolent of R D Burman in his hey days. The music instruments also ring at the right moments.   

6.Nachinode Nagarjuna   
When you say Malathi, a voice readily comes to the ears. A tune also falls into place. In this funny number, Malathi strains every nerve and delivers the goods. The number is not fast, but there is a catchy rhythm and an acceptable synthesis.
Rohit Raj is certainly promising. To have promise is one thing, to live up to them is another. The jury is waiting for more from Rohit.