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Mohini 94488 58888 Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Saturday, August 12, 2006 • Kannada ]
Mohini 94488 58888 Review
S.V.Rajendra Singh Babu

Noted director of Kannada cinema S.V.Rajendra Singh in this murder mystery laced with horror fails to incorporate the crisp and tidy style in the film. He has the good stuff in the film. The film is technically good. The music, camera and artistes have performed well. The only bottleneck is the length. In the subject he has nothing new but it is the screenplay that makes the section of audience to sit on the edge of their seats biting nails.

The sexually greedy business tycoon Rajesh changes his stand and decides to stay with his family instead of marrying Mohini. In a fit of anger and wordy dual between Mohini and business tycoon Mrs Rajesh (played by Anu) it is the end of Mohini. But it is the beginning of terror and horror. It is on this murder Varun (Audhitya) brother in law of Rajesh - is working in the COD department and to unravel the story of missing Mohini Sumana (Sada) a journalist is tracing the facts. The links lead to bad man played by Riyaz Khan and gang. Whenever the phone calls from Mohini the person holding the phone rings to the trouble shooters he or she dies with blood oozing out from the body. A series of such incidents bring Varun to Riyaz Khan. The fear of Mohini makes Riyaz Khan to escape with fake pass port. But that is stalled by Varun and Sumana at the last moment. From then on the Mohini occupies the body of Rajesh's child and it is the tough task to solve. When Rajesh admits his fault and his wife is advised by the astrologer that the final rite of Mohini has not been conducted and that is the reason for such hullabaloo. Then again the clue what the audience thinks slowly deviates. It points to a very important family member. What else? Enters the mother of Mohini who is looking for daughter's body and it is a cooling down of ghost Mohini.

This is the career best performance from Audhitya. He has narrated the dialogues very well, looks sweet with Sada in romantic scenes, his action scenes are a treat to watch. Sada as usual is cynosure of all eyes. Mohini is a right choice to play ghost role. Nazer does not let down. Suhasini is cool and composed. Bullet Prakash and Komal titillate.

The genius music director Hamsalekha besides giving good lyrics and songs has also scored good background music. The DTS mixing is superb. Giri in his camera gives the mood required for the film.

Worth seeing once!

Scoring 6/10

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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