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Mogudu Pellam O Dongodu Music Review

Mogudu Pellam O Dongodu Music Review
Raja, Shriya
Vakada Anjan Kumar
A promising start
IndiaGlitz [Wednesday, June 29, 2005 • తెలుగు] Comments

Only the truly confident and skilful experiment. It takes rare courage to do that. In that sense, Venki, the director of Mogudu Pellam O Dongodu, is surely talented. Otherwise he would not have made bold to do a film with just three characters. Such directors are also pretty experimental in their choice of tunes. So it is with that hope you begin to listen to the music of this with a new music director Kabuli at the helm.

Kabuli has previous experience of working with A R Rehman. So the expectations are even more.

The expectations are not belied. On the evidence of this album, Kabuli seems to be a talent to watch out for as he has come up with some original score. The thing is he has not taken the easy way out. Obviously that would have been tempting. But he has come up with some refreshing tunes and tones.

1. Chilipi Alaka

Chitra's voice is a rich well of melody. You don't need anything to underscore it. But just in case, you needed it, listen to this number. It is just full of mellifluous movements. Chitra goes husky than ever in this soft number and Kabuli accentuates that with some simple background score. Kabuli shows he is comfortable with the instruments and there is elegance in his mixing.

2. Sayandhi Satya Bhama

The song starts with some old-fashioned type of music but it quickly turns into a rock n roll type of number. The music director deftly moves in and out of genres as he takes the interludes into some 'massy' beats. Karthik and Nithya Santhosini prove adequate to the twists and turns in style. On the whole, a refreshing kind of song.

3. Theme Music

A short and crisp affair, Kabuli sticks to his strengths with the guitar. The theme music rather than being loud, as is usually the case, is easy on the ears and is a sheer pleasure to listen.

4. Vayari Bhama

Another interesting opening, after that Devan takes off in a low-key level. Soon Sumangali joins in the fun. Again, Kabuli shows some affinity for some rock n roll type of tones. The instrumentation could have been better as the rhythm patterns are decidedly predictable.

5. Shatakoti Manmadha

This is a classical one. The song has a good beginning but the interludes lack imagination and goes slightly over the board. Nithyashri, the singer, shows her strengths in classical music as she effortlessly glides through the number. Then again, there is some originality in orchestration.

Kabuli sure has promise and is a talent to watch.