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Modi plugs Sadhguru's video: It's shocking for a reason

Monday, December 30, 2019 • Tamil Comments

Modi plugs Sadhgurus video: Its shocking for a reason

On Monday, Narendra Modi plugged a discourse by Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev on the Citizenship Amendment Act and the need for the National Register of Citizens.  "Do hear this lucid explanation of aspects relating to CAA and more by Sadhguru. He provides historical context, brilliantly highlights our culture of brotherhood. He also calls out the misinformation by vested interest groups," says the Prime Minister.

Twice in the video, Sadhguru has found fault with the government while supporting the CAA and the NRC.  Shockingly, Modi has promoted the video despite the spiritual guru being passingly critical of the government in it.  

"The government has failed to communicate properly the purpose of the NRC," says the Isha Foundation exponent.  

He also opines, "The government was caught napping and when the protests against the CAA broke out, they turned violent.  Not enough policemen were deployed."

Does Modi agree or disagree with these criticisms?

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