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Minnaminungu Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Saturday, July 22, 2017 • Malayalam ]
Minnaminungu Review
Movie Magic, Yes Cinema Company,
Surabhi Lakshmi, Rabecca Santhosh, Prem Prakash
Anil Thomas
Anand Payyannoor

A battle of survival in a harsh materialistic world, ‘Minnaminungu’ has a premise that we are familiar with. What makes it a commendable one is the class performance by its leading lady Surabhi. As the movie progresses we are drawn into her tale of woe and pathos. There seems no respite as things keep piling up again and again. Our protagonist doesn’t have a name and she is simply the thousands of struggling class who gets trampled upon by the pressures of money and the will to keep going to better their children.

Our lady is striving hard to make ends meet. She is riddled with an old father and a daughter. Her daughter is a college going student and her needs are a priority for this mother. Fulfilling those makes her take on work that is backbreaking and demanding. A sudden demand by the daughter for 6 lakhs for higher studies has the mother scurrying to meet the deadline.   The story is one that has been told again and again.

The making is dramatic with full on theatricals. The dialogues are lengthy and unrealistic. This kind of takes away the charm of the movie. But the pathos of the mother is beautifully drawn out. The struggle and the will is palpable. The fight against the tide makes us also fight with her. This empathy works big time, for the movie. The predictability of the plot is a matter that should have been addressed with a novel treatment or a better narrative style.

Its Surabhi all the way with her perfect timing and dialogue delivery. The emotions are out there and the pain is conveyed well. That said, the role has much scope for performance and Surabhi has been able to do it well. Even the dialect has come out well enough. Like was mentioned earlier many of the characters have theatrical roles that clashes with the cinematic medium. But that said, all support the central protagonist well.

Direction is by Anil Thomas and though he does not offer anything new, he has brought out the best from his leading lady. The technicalities are good enough with cinematography and editing giving a seamless narrative. The tone used is good and the shades of yellow and darkness highlights the dark lives in the movie. The spaces of confined rooms and dingy areas have been used well too.

‘Minaminugu’ may not be a new tale or offer a newness in narration. But it is a passable watch in spite of the clichés. Watch out for Surabhi’s performance in the movie.

Rating: 2.5 / 5.0

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