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Meipporul Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Friday, May 1, 2009 • Tamil ]
Meipporul Review
Girish Bala, Anusha, Narayanan, Suren, Rani

Tamil movie has crossed boundaries and barriers. It is evident with the grand opening for Tamil movies in US screens. Now going a step further are directors Natty Kumar and Krish Bala. They have experimented doing a movie throughout in America starring people living in the country. It iis perhaps the first Tamil film to be shot entirely in USA.

An engrossing and entertaining movie, with a group of mostly first-timers on screen, Meiporul is a movie that is worth-watching. What is striking are the unexpected twists and turns in the story that reminds one of reading late writer Sujatha's novels.

The movie is about Devi (Anusha) , a daring journalist with a Tamil magazine in USA. Her husband Sam (Krish Bala) is a popular neuro surgeon there. Devi busta a child kidnapping racket and wins acclaims and fame.

Meanwhile Sam meets Raja (Natty) in a bar. After initial acquaintances, Sam comes to know how about ESP that Raja possesses. ( he can predict clearly what is going to happen). At one point, Raja informs Sam that he would die on 10 August (within a week). Believing his words, Sam seeks solace with his friend Vishva (Narayan). Sam hides from his wife. What happens on 10 August forms the crux?

Krish Bala as Sam impresses. Though he is an amateur on screen, he has managed to get the emotions right. He doesn't look an amateur before the camera. Anusha as Devi is always impressive. She represents a typical Indian woman, who settles down in USA. Narayan as Vishva is adequate.

The directors deserve credit to have made a movie that sticks to its purpose. It proceeds in a straight track and never deviates. The film has a certain message in the end. The directors deserves a pat for they have   put it across well.

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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