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Megha Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Thursday, August 28, 2014 • Tamil ]
Megha Review
Ashwin Kakumanu, Shrushti, Angana Roy, Jayaprakash, Ravi Prakash, Naren, Meera, Nithy
Karthik Rishi
Albert James, S.Selvakumar

'Megha' - Ilayaraja was the only driving factor prior to the release of this movie, but the debutante Karthik Rishi has come up with a refreshing storyline with a few twists to present a watchable flick. Ilayaraja stands tall once again, and shoulders the movie to a great extent with his songs & BGM.

Hero Ahswin is struggling to find a job related to his studies (Forensic), and works as a photographer to look after himself & his family. On a rainy day, Ashwin meets the charming Shrushti and falls in love at the first sight itself. The rain gives an opportunity for the lead characters introduce themselves to each other. In a sudden turn of events, Ashwin clicks photos for Shrushti’s brother’s wedding and he unites the family with his work, unknowingly.

We come to know, Shruti has two brothers and one of them gets married against the family’s wish and gets ignored for a brief time. After knowing this part, Ashwin gathers some guts, and propose Shrushti. Meanwhile, Vijaya Kumar, Assistant Commissioner of Police gets a job for Ashwin in Forensic Department. Courtesy, Ashwin’s dad who works as a driver for Vijaya Kumar.

The film shift its gear, the moment Vijaya Kumar dies, and the media propagates the death as suicide. Ashwin does not believe it as a suicide and goes on to collect evidence with his exceptional forensic skills to prove it is an unnatural death. Before submitting his report to higher officials, Shrushti gets kidnapped by a mysterious gang and threatens Ashwin to give all the evidences to them. What happens next in the few moments has been delivered quite cleverly.

After playing a second lead in ‘Idharkuthana Aasaipattia Balakumar’ Ashwin gets an opportunity to feature in a lead role & he has used it effectively. He emotes, romances, and fights quite convincingly. Heroine Shrushti could well make an impact like Nazriya, as she is absolutely gorgeous and her Preity Zinta’ish dimples will stay in your mind even after coming out of the hall.

On the negative side, Karthik Rishi could have penned a few more twists and turns to add another gear to this interesting story. But, he made very good use of Ilayaraja’s music & R.B. Gurudev’s stunning visuals to present a not so bad romantic thriller.

Verdict: The rain bearing clouds promises lots of showers, but only delivers a few drizzles. 

Stars : 2.5 / 5

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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