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Meenaxi Preview

Meenaxi Peview
Kunal Kapoor, Tabu, Raghuvir Yadav, Nadira Babbar, Sharat Saxena, Bharat Kapoor, Sagar Arya
MF. Hussain


Thursday, January 1, 1970 • Hindi Comments

This film by painter-cum-filmmaker M F Hussain with his son Owais Hussain is set in three cities of Hyderabad, Jaisalmer and Prague. The film's protagonist (Tabu) adopts three different personalities as Meenaxi, Meenakshi and Maria in the three respective cities. The film, like the earlier `Gajagamini' lends itself to various interpretations and may leave the viewer confused. While Tabu is fantastic, the film disappoints. Musically, `Yeh Rishta' and `Do kadam aur sahi' appeal to the listener and Rahman has tried to bring Sufi style to his music.

            Nawab is a famous novelist from Hyderabad who now feels nothing seems to inspire him. He comes across the very individualistic Meenaxi at a traditional qawwali ceremony and is drawn towards her as the inspiration for his story. But she is not very willing to perform the part of a passive muse. But even as she appears to have taken hold of his body and soul, he finds her very complex. She assumes different personae in different cities. She can be Meenaxi - the mysterious perfume trader of Hyderabad, Meenakshi - the exotic desert bloom of Jaisalmer, and the orphaned Maria of Prague. She scoffs at the novelist's renewed attempts at writing as insubstantial and is critical about his story, amused by the lovelorn and awkward Kaameshwar - a character he has created, based on a drunken mechanic who once wanted to be a singer. All this puts him into a state of deep despair. But the writer must survive and live, if he can, without her support, inspiration and criticism.