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Mayakkannadi Music Review

Mayakkannadi Music Review
Cheran, Navya Nair, Radha Ravi
Perfect Ten from the Maestro
IndiaGlitz [Wednesday, March 14, 2007 • தமிழ்] Comments

Actor - director Parthiban recently said that Ilayaraja is synonymous with music. Listening to the maestro's six tracks in Mayakannadi, one has to simply endorse what Parthiban had said about him.

The living legend of Tamil film music, Ilayaraja has successfully completed 31 years in the industry. His journey began with Annakili in 1976 and continues till today. But film after film, Ilayaraja has been successful in coming up with catchy melodies and amazing musical sound which keeps his fans spellbound.

Director-actor Cheran has a penchant for music. When the likes of Cheran and Ilayaraja team up, no wonder, it would be a treat for the music-lovers.

Mayakannadi has six amazing tracks with Ilayaraja himself rendering three in his sublime voice.

One cannot stop heaping laurels on Ilayaraja for his brilliant scores in the movie. Certainly he has scored a perfect ten in the album.

Konjam Konjam (Karthik, Shreya)

Ilayaraja has once again proved that he is the master of melodies. The veteran music composer knows how to package a soft song to suit the youngsters of today. The music is very fresh to listen to. A mild use of beats accompanied by scores of violin provides a mystic feel to the listeners. It is a love song with a mild touch of hip-hop. With Karthik and Shreya in pristine form, no doubt the song will catch the admiration of music-buffs.

Kaasu Kaiyil (Ilayaraja)

No wonder Ilayaraja is admired by millions of music-lovers! The crafty music composer lives up to all the reputation in this song. It is a song which dwells on the theme of the movie. Ilayaraja, in his typical voice, renders the song which narrates the urge among the youngsters to earn money. If lyrics are life to the song, then Ilayaraja's melodious music and his soft rendition of the song are the icing on the cake.

Oru Mayalogam (Tippu, Manjari)

Supposedly a fantasy song in the movie, it is very catchy and pleasing to hear. The tune is set in Western genre and is passionately rendered by Tippu and Manjari. The percussion is lively, but does not drown the lyrics. The brilliant use of guitar adds to the track's charm.

The orchestration is excellent.

Oyeale Yenga Vantha (Ilayaraja)

It is the pick of the album. It's rare to hear Ilayaraja sing in such high octaves. It begins on a brisk note with heavy metals and guitar competing with each other, replicating the sounds of a rock show. The lyric is very special, for it speaks at length about a youth's desire to become an actor.  The casual way in which Ilayaraja has rendered the song deserves mention. No doubt the song would become an anthem among thousands of youths wandering in the streets of Kodambakkam with a dream to make it big in cinema.

Kadhal Indru (Ilayaraja)

The tune is same as that of the previous track Kasu Kaiyil. If the former deals about the urge to earn money, the latter goes a step further to it. It speaks about youngsters who get themselves drowned in their life running behind money and love. Ilayaraja is at his prime form.

Ulakilae Azhagi (Vijay Yesudas, Nandhitha)

This is a striking melody. Vijay Yesudas possesses an enchanting quality in his voice.

The tune is elegant and mesmerizing to the listeners. Ilayaraja, the 'master of melodies' has used drums and stringed instruments like veena to good effect. Watch out for the interlude for an excellent fusion of music between tabla and veena, taking the song to a greater plain. Hats off to Ilayaraja.

All said, Mayakannad