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Mayajalam Music Review

Mayajalam Music Review
Srikanth, Poonam Kaur
S V Krishna Reddy
Proves a point
IndiaGlitz [Wednesday, May 10, 2006 • తెలుగు] Comments

It is not everyday that a director also gets into scoring music. But most directors have a fine sense of music and know what would work. Most of them don't take up scoring music simply because it becomes too much of a burden.

But SVK likes to put everything on his plate. This hands-on man doesn't mind the extra load. He also have a nose and ears for good rhythm and melody. And it shows.

1. Ringingakka

Not the most original of starts. It is funky and reminiscent of a popular English number. And then a robot like voice takes over. It is a kind of techno song and sounds are true to type . Lot of rap-kind of singing. But having said this, there is a good and rocking rhythm (almost like in a moving vehicle). And towards the middle, the music director tries some experiments. The singing of S P Eshwar and Tina Kamal is okay without being extraordinary.

2.  Abbai

The start is alluring. It begins with a shanai (or is it nadaswaram?) bit. But it quickly gets into groove with some peppy rhythms. The tempo sets in pretty fast. And what we have is a groovy, fast-paced number. The pattern is patented, but it is attractive. The singers Kushi Muralidhar and Sumangali also warm up pretty fast and they stick to a fine rhythm. Sumangali in fact is in very good form. The Boom shaka laka chorus is apt and is placed at the right places. On the whole, an attractive number.

3. If You Want

The song begins with an interesting mix of softness and lilt. The English lyrics and the Telugu mix maybe disconcerting for some. But it kind of places the song in context. Again a mass song. But one with a difference. The interludes are very interesting. The touch of Carnatic (Nattai raga) and the soft feel all through makes it worth a hear. Ganga and Sagar sing with passion and energy. They add new flavors and fervor. Maybe it will work.

4. Hot Summer

Suddenly one music director singing for another has become very regular. Here Devi Sri Prasad has been roped in. And when you say Devi Sri Prasad, you can very well imagine the kind of number. It is a mass, heavy-rhythmed song. Devi Sri Prasad has a cultivated insouciance and sense of relish when it comes to belting out such numbers. Here he is joined by the talented Mathangi. The young singer and Devi Sri Prasad combine with energy and enthusiasm. The Carnatic bit in-between is interesting (though not fitting enough). The lyrics are inane. The interludes are take-off from previous numbers. But what the heck? It is fun all the way.

5. Teeyaga

This is the most traditional (in terms of film music) in the album. It is a simple melody and has a lot of elegance and ease built into it. Young singers Kaundinya, Sankrithi prove a match to the tune. They flesh out the right expressions and modulations. An uncomplicated number.

On the whole, the album is worth a hear. SVK has shown that a director can also deliver with the baton in hand.