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Mass - Dammunte Kasko Music Review

Mass - Dammunte Kasko Music Review
Annapurna Studios
Nagarjuna, Jyothika, Charmi, Raghuvaran, Rahul Dev, Prakash Raj, Sunil, Jeeva, Dharmavarapu Subramanyam, Venu Madhav, Draksharamam Sarojini, Swati Priya, Samir, Rajesh, Ramya, Narsing Yadav, Apoorva
Raghava Lawrence
Nagarjuna Akkineni
Devi Sri Prasad
Heavy rhythms, light lilts
IndiaGlitz [Friday, December 17, 2004 • తెలుగు] Comments

Devi Sri Prasad knows the pulse of the modern-day youths. He sure knows what they want. He also knows what the top stars are looking for in terms of music in their films. His songs may not be the best in the business; but they are one of the most popular ones. The trick in Devi Sri's music understands the demands of the medium. In some sense, he makes his music to sound good in theatres more than they may in audio systems.

Mass songs are good examples. They have been orchestrated to suit the image of the hero and carry an unmistakable stamp of 'contexuality'. They are tailor-made for songs --- the rhythm effect is extenuated.

If you are looking for a repeat of Manmudhu, the previous offering in the combination of Nags and Deci Sri, then you are advised to stay away from this offering.

1. Mass
The first song in the chart itself sets the tone and tempo. It is a vibrant and robust number. Mano and Ravi Varman combine with lot of energy and enthusiasm. The lyrics are aimed at the front-benchers. The rhythm after a few hearing, remind you of some of Devi Sri's earlier numbers. Yet there is a full-bodied life in this song.

2. Vaalu Kalla Vayyari
Karthik has a vocalization style. He loves the middle ranges and has the ability to do more than good justice any number that is in his zone. This number is. Little wonder then, it comes out soothingly from his throat. The tune itself is pretty infectious one as the lilt grows on you. A good number, really.

3. Indurudu
Ranjith and Kalpana are natural born allies. Their combination is like water and oil -hardly made for each other. But the beauty is that the two are good in their own way. Kalpana is in fact pretty lively in higher octaves. Ranjith underplays his talent. The orchestration is the sore point. Devi Sri seems to have over-stretched himself. In an effort to sound
smart and chic, he has gone for some unconventional sounds.

4. Kottu Kottu
Tippu is the modern master of foot-tapping raunchy numbers. You listen to this and you will understand why. The percussions are more Punjabi than they should be. Prasana, the other singer, also rises to the occasion with a wacky approach.

5. La La Lahirey
It is almost in a fast-forward motion as Sunitha Sarathy and Venu go for the jugular. The rhythms fallon your ears like rains on a tile roof --- too loud with a predictable patter.

6. Naatho Vastava
Udit Narayan has a quaint approach to Telugu songs. There should be some reason for Telugu music directors to go for him despite his atrocious pronunciation. You listen to this number, you will understand why. He waltzes through the various octaves. There is a felicity to his approach. In the company of the talented Sumangali, Udit is even more reliable. The female singer too has an easy style and comes off fluently. The instrumentation again is loud. At some places, you almost feel like stopping the man with the baton.

Devi Sri Prasad on the whole seems to have a winner in his hand. But if you ask whether these songs will stand the test of time, then the answer may be different.