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Maska Music Review

Maska Music Review
Sumanth Arts Productions
Ram, Hansika and others
B Gopal
MS Raju
Chakri scores half-way
IndiaGlitz [Wednesday, January 7, 2009 • తెలుగు] Comments

The music of 'Maska' has an overall replay quality with good numbers. Music director Chakri has composed the tunes for 'Maska' starring Ram, Hansika and Sheela in the cast. Director B. Gopal has directed this movie produced by MS Raju on Sumanth Arts banner. Lyricist Kandikonda has penned down all the six songs of the album. Movies made under Sumanth Arts banner are all musical hits earlier and this flick that brings Chakri, Ram, B.Gopal under one roof, is expected to recreate the same spell.

Hare Hare Rama.  LISTEN HERE

The first song of the album is a fast beat number based on jazz guitar. Suraj Jagan voiced this club mix styled song that oozes energy in its rapid stanzas. Lyrics penned by Kandikonda are made of amusing words like - 'Chemakula chella, Sogasula khilla, Chikkave chethiki illaa. Maro maro maro. maro maro maro Maska maro.'. The 'Maro.Maro.' line builds a high tempo and gets carried forward surrounded by foot tapping beats. The song doesn't get old and sounds fresh even after repeatedly listening to it.

Chakri's tune set upon Kandikonda's words and voiced by Suraj goes hand in hand, making this score a catchy one.

Gunde Godarila...  LISTEN HERE

Zubin Garg and Kausalya has sang this duet which bears some interesting lines like 'Oohallo nuvve chelila eduruga nilichave. andamga valapuvai ni talapulo munchave.' that grabs attention as soon as we start listening to it. The song is particularly made slow to bring in the romantic feel and it does. The bollywood style stanza 'I am in Love' has a mix of bhangra style drums along with piper strings that makes it the best part of the song.

Kalloki Dilloki..   LISTEN HERE

Chakri's unique voice welcomes us into this dance floor party song which is fast from start to end. His special touch is sprinkled all over the number with Telgulish - English & Telugu lyrics that is anew. Rap has nowadays had become inevitable part of party songs and it is used in this song.

'Hutch signalai ninu chutti mutti. neetho needai sagana...' are the lines which are humorously written depicting the thought process of modern day youth. The song is sure to become a favorite among the youngsters.

Kalaganna.   LISTEN HERE

Voiced by Chakri and Kausalya, the song is not worth mentioning as it's slow and not too good for repetitive listening. It cannot be categorized as a melody nor a beat song, yet it's a slow number with a nice note of piano bit here and there. The words 'Swargam nuvvunte.Narakam lekunte.' is one more plus point. Background humming of the male and female voices is catchy.

Aa Vaipunna...   LISTEN HERE

A fast paced melody which has been sung by Hariharan and Sadhana Sargam. The song has a classical touch mixed with ghazhal style. Veena is the main instrument used with the inseparable Tambura to bring in a mellifluous touch. 'Nee Vayasuku Valavesthale.Na Vayasunu jatha chesthale...' is one of the stanzas written aptly by Kandikonda.

Chakri's classical touch to this song blends well with the lyrics.


'Maska.meri jaan' are the Hindi lines that goes on par with this title song sung by Ravi Varma and Sunidhi Chouhan. A large part of the song has Hindi and English words mingled into it. The rap part has been brought out well with eerie music found in International albums. The lyrics 'Baghdad Gajadongai Vasta. Kanne sokule robbery chestha, Dochukunde to bottom neemundundi' has been sung from start to end without a break by the songsters. Undoubtedly, the song is the best in the album and will be great for repetitive value.

Among the six numbers, around two or three of the songs appeal and will appease us listeners at the first instance itself. Lyrics have been written to suit the tunes and it falls in place. On the whole, the music album is a good buy for its repetitive value.

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