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Maska Review

Review by IndiaGlitz [ Wednesday, January 14, 2009 • తెలుగు ]
Maska Review
Sumanth Arts Productions
Ram, Hansika and others
B Gopal
MS Raju

Doing `Maska' (trying to impress) is always an inevitable part of every man's life. Some try to `Maska-fy' others for the sake of job, while some for a favor. It's always young guys who do it to lure the girls. All these kinds of `Maskas' are comprised in MS Raju's latest movie `Maska'.

Starring Ram, Hansika, Sheela as the hero and heroines, in the direction of B.Gopal, on Sumanth Arts banner mega maker MS Raju's latest movie is `Maska'. MS Raju who is well known as `Sankranthi' Raju for his block buster hits released following the hits launched on the festive day. For awhile, he was out of form and had a lag to bring out hit movies. This year, he made a comeback with `Maska' for Sankranthi, to restate his niche as `Sankrathi' Raju.

`Maska' is released as a Sankranthi gift today on 14th Jan. Here is a concise review on the movie that criticizes the pros and cons.


Simhachalam (Mukhesh Rushi) and Shinde (Pradeep Ravath) competes for the ministry elections that take place at the capital center, Delhi. Shinde hails from a bad background and is a man of misdeeds. So, the high command of the party advises him to correct his misdeeds to get the post in the ministry. Further, they tell him that Simhachalam has another unofficial wife (Sita) and a daughter (Hansika). They advise him that if he can prove it, it will sure fetch him the post, instead of losing it to Simhachalam. Corrupted by the idea, Shinde sends his group of followers to search for Sita & Meenakshi (Hansika) who lives in Hyderabad.

A twist in the story takes place here. Krishnakanth aka Krish (Ram) is an idler. He has a friend called Suneel. Krish dreams to go to America and get settled in life. With this aim, he plans to marry a girl working in the software industry. Parallel to his first love, he begins to lure Manju (Sheela) who acquires a visa to America. Manju happens to be the only daughter of Rayalaseema factionist Simhachalam (Mukhesh Rushi).

Krish in a happenstance shows out a photograph of Meenakshi (Hansika) to Manju, saying (maska-fying) that he is in love with her and she refuse to accept it. The incident turns Manju an ardent lover for Ram.

On the same time, when Manju was about to propose to Krish, Meenakshi witnesses the scene. What happens next? Who is it the people of Shinde are searching for? Who becomes the minister Simhachalam or Shinde? Who does Krish love and get married too. Actually, who is Meenakshi?  Watch `Maska' to find the answers.

Performance of Artists

Ram, the debutant hero of `Devadas', which was a hit some years back has shown excellent performance in `Maska'. Especially, his dance moves for the `maro maro Maska maro. Baghdada Gajadongai vastha.. `song is extraordinary. Ram has recreated his magic, and over shadows his own image in `Devadas'. We may say this is Ram's Maska for the audience.

Hansika who played as Meenakshi and Sheela who played as Manjula are a prominent part of the movie. Sheela, the innocent girl of `Parugu' has delivered a plausible show. Her glamour show is an added asset for this film.

Suneel, the inseparable cast of MS Raju's movies, has appeared in a lengthy role that offers scope. He has entertained the audience with his unique style and contributed his part to the movie's success. The scenes featuring Ram and Suneel are entertaining on screen. After a long gap since `Manasanthe Nuvve', Suneel has played a meaty character and reaped applause from the film goers.

Mukhesh Rushi and Pradeep Ravath as villains, Telangana Shakunthala, Seetha, Naresh, Jhansi, Abhishek, Sivaparvathi, Dharmavarpu Subrahmanyam, have all given able performance within the limits of their roles. Brahmanadam creates uproar in the cinema halls even though his appearance time is not so lengthy.

Technicians Work

Chakri has composed music for the first time in MS Raju's film. He has got his wish to compose fast beat songs with this film. All the six songs tuned by him are good and few numbers have repetitive value. Re-recording in the movie suits the storyline and is apt.

Shekhar V Joseph, the cinematographer for MS Raju's block buster movie `Okkadu', had done a beautiful job for `Maska' with captivating visualization.

The sets designed by Rajeev Naire are beautiful, specially for the songs `Aa vaipunna.. ee vaipunna' and `Baghdad gajadongai vastha' are lavish and elegant.

People are quite aware of risky and interesting stunt scenes of B. Gopal's flicks. `Maska' is equally promising with the action sequences directed by Ram-Lakshman. The USP of the stunts is the chasing sequence of Ram-Hansika that involves four scorpio's being blasted. Senior editor Kotagiri Venkateshwara Rao's editing is good.

Director's Portrayal

`Samara Simha Reddy', `Narasimha Naidu' and `Indra' are in the line of block busters made by B.Gopal. `Maska' that is entertaining through out the way has once again proved his talent to churn out action flicks. The director also proved that he can compete equally with the contemporary young directors.

MS Raju who always has writes tantalizing screenplay for his films, has done it again for `Maska'. He has made the story line steady and carries it interesting with his screenplay. Raju who gives quality films made on huge budget, has made `Maska' without compromising on the quality. Thus, the making value of the banner has been retained.


The makers have neatly presented a love story that runs parallel to a political satire. Erstwhile, B.Gopal successfully made `Bobbili Raja' starring Venkatesh in the lead weaving a political drama commingled with a love story. He has re-conjured the magic with the successful `Maska'.

On the whole, although Maska has a few cons, they are not evident visibly while seeing the movie. Verdict: `Maska' in an action entertainer that will surely rock the theaters this `Sankranthi'.

Released on: January 14, 2009

Rating: 0 / 5.0

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